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Cuppa Creme

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Desserts that makes you ogle with their unique type of presentation? You need to check out what Cuppa Crème offers then! Apart from their delicious desserts, we were awed by their presentation. Read on for the details.


Brownies | Rs.2500 (25 pcs) 

Giving away a hint of coffee, these brownies were good overall. Gooey and soft – it’s is surely something you would want to try again.

Biscuit Pudding | Rs.2000 (Small Portion)

How about an eyeful of white and dark chocolate shreds on top of an extremely delicious biscuit pudding with the perfect balance and texture that you would expect from a treat which looked that good. The chocolate shred just melts in your mouth and it seemed to be rather immense amount for its decoration.

Red Velvet Cupcakes | Rs.195

The cupcake was too sweet owing to its creamy texture, but was certainly a treat for the eyes. It was your average red velvet but the cream cheese complemented the taste very well.

Chocolate Cake | Rs.3100 

This was one huge cake with the same chocolate shreds and dripping white chocolate and basically something that you’d keep for days in your fridge and cherish. It was very chocolaty and had a nice texture, the flavor was very rich as we enjoyed every bit of it. Definitely something that will make your guests high on chocolate.


Like we mentioned earlier, Cuppa Crème offered a unique presentation with their chocolate shreds. It was not something we had come across before – who wouldn’t like a topping full of white and dark chocolate shreds?

Order & Delivery

Place your orders beforehand to avoid disappointments as they work on pre-order basis and they do not deliver.


Cuppa Crème can be considered one of the best. Their biscuit pudding is to die for – don’t forget to try it out.

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