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Well, aren’t we the best?

We are the generation that eats pizza while drooling over Peter Kuruvita cooking by the Indian ocean on those clay pots and the look of those traditional Sri Lankan cuisines just leaves you crying while you sip on some coca cola. Now you don’t have to do that anymore because ‘’curries’’ will bring your true Sri Lankan taste buds to life.


I could finish this entire article with one word – MOUTHWATERINGLYDELICIOUS! But my editor won’t let me do that because:

i) That’s not even a word

ii) She is always asking for more description

Yellow Rice

I don’t think anyone wouldn't appreciate the existence of coconut milk after eating this, because  this rice was cooked to perfection with hints of cinnamon in the aroma. When mixed with the rest of the curries the rice will make you a very proud Lankan.


Chicken curry 

With generous pieces of chicken, this curry was a full masala party with enough pepper to give that burning sensation! We all love the spices that will make your eyes and nose shed tears of joy. Although someone who eats with gravy as his main mix for rice would prefer a little thicker gravy, the flavour as usual overpowering all your feelings (and consistency of the dish)


Kaju Curry

 A handful of cashew nuts and green peas cooked in a thick coconut milk gravy, complemented the rice and chicken curry surprisingly well.

Pineapple Curry

The pineapple curry came on top of a sweet oily syrup and blended well alongside the rest of the curries!



Tempered Potatoes

The potatoes were soft and gave the rice a nice texture when mixed together. You can’t really identify the taste precisely as its going to be mixed with the rice and all the other curries but it definitely contributed to the food being delightful overall.

Batu Moju

These thin slices of brinjal with the natural flavour of the vegetable and added a punch when eating with the rice and rest of curries.



I’m not sure if the cutlets were to be eaten after lunch or during the tea time but they looked so good which got us gobbling them up with the rest!. It was fried to that golden brown colour and had an ample amount of fish in the filling.

The rest of the sides included the acharu which was your average acharu and had a good sweet-spice ratio, we would’ve liked a little more papadam though. I don’t know how I should describe the boiled egg - I'd say it was a decent sized boiled egg?



The presentation is probably what is special about Curries and it came in clay pots,wooden spoons, clay plates and banana leaves. It makes you believe that this is what Peter Kuruvita’s cooking must taste like. This is definitely one of a kind and we are glad they maintain the true Lankan set up from taste to presentation.


The delivery was quick and on time, they were also extremely friendly and came up to our office and set the table themselves.


You should probably call Curries  when your cousins from overseas are here on vacation, while your uncles discuss about how marvellous the tea export trade was in the good old days.

Disclaimer : Curries use halal ceritified meat and poultry for their cooking and non halal items are cooked in different utensils. Make sure you place your order a couple of days ahead as they work on pre order basis. Their prices are reasonable and is charged per head. Call Mr.Romesh through the contact details provided on their facebook page.

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Thanks a lot for the comment and happy u loved our food :)

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Hi Romesh, We certainly did and we hope to try any new dishes you intend to cook in the future.

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