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Treats or Goodies

Assorted Sugar Cookies
It was delightful to see the variety through the holding packets: shaped in ovals, stars, hearts and your regular ragged cookie circle. We tasted the necessary sweetness and concentrated sugar needed from a locally produced biscuit but it felt too tough and dry to satisfy us completely. It was almost brick hard, probably due to the light packing.

Almond Cashew Cookie
 In terms of flavor, it was a nice ease to your lips when the cookie started to break off in your mouth and mushed quickly attacking your sweet tooth. We tasted the great work in sugaring the cashew and for a home product, it was good although we couldn't find the hint of almond that was expected. Frosting on top of the star shaped cookie was dry and overall wasn't smooth enough. We found the cookie's freshness wearing off quickly which is something that could be improved.

Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Jelly

We believe this was their best product out of all. The gelatin mold through the holding jar came in three layers, the passion fruit jelly at the bottom, a dominating vanilla aromatized gelatin (which the baker assured was used by Halal Certified ingredients) and sprinkles of cashew and coconut with mini chunks of a fruit element. The Panna Cotta bounces on your tongue to a cooling effect before your teeth squeezes the sweetened cream forcing you to grin with the taste of good dessert. 

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese

A much technical product in our opinion. It was soft to our liking and the extracted sweetness from the dry fruits was well balanced with the cream cheese on the top. However it must be said the cream cheese wasn't balanced due to its dryness.

Double Chocolate Brownie with Mint Ganache

We were appalled by how the spoon was meeting a very tough surface to dig into. Once again it seems the packaging failed them and it needs to be looked into so that their goods will remain in a better shine. Although it would be unfair not to note how they could satisfy a foodie who fashions a bitter taste to maybe complement a moody day. The mint element added to the intensity by giving in that soothe so the bitterness wouldn't overpower. 


It came packaged quite conservatively and cost effectively by the looks of it however we were worried about the tightness of holding the freshness of items.

The cookies came in a clear thin plastic packing quite similar to how local disks are sold. 

The presentation of the panna cotta could be described as 'cute', coming in the form of small jam jars with printed labels of the particular item pasted on the head of the cap branding Kitch& with its theme.


We got our items delivered straight to our office on a cardboard tray greeting us with the touch of humility that every upcoming home baker is inherited with.

We were on a fickle travel with this experience, being disappointed by the dryness of the product wasn't easy however it needs to be mentioned that Kitch& needs to be commended on the steps they take to innovate and introduce our local sweet demands to western style bakes.

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