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Lil' Baker

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 11 months ago

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After a very unfortunate incident regarding the first review of this highly supported Lil' Baker, we decided that it was only right to give this home-baker a second chance to really show off her baking skills and us a chance to taste how delicious her goodies actually are! Kudos to her loyal customers for changing our minds because we would never have known her true potential and the reason why she is so adored!


Chocolate Chip Cookies | Rs.1,500 

Lil Baker’s signature bake and for a good reason too! These cookies were so spectacular, where do we even begin? Not too chewy or too hard; not overly sweet nor deprived of sugar AND the gorgeous chunks of chocolate were present in every bite, leaving no room for us to nibble around the cookie in search of these chocolate chips! PLUS, they were visually alluring, so it was truly a win-win!

Cheesecake Brownies | Rs.1,900

There’s nothing more comforting than the sound of cheesecake brownies and oh how we’d love to be at home, smothered in thick blankets and watching our favourite TV show with a box of these babies! Although the cheesecake to brownie ratio wasn’t quite there (maybe because I tried a cheesecake deprived brownie), we aren’t complaining because there’s no such thing as too much brownie!! The brownie itself was perfect because it was between fudgy and cakey but leaning more towards the ‘fudgy’ side, which was ideal for us fudge lovers!

Dark Chocolate Tart | Rs.1,400

Pursuit of happiness is the only way to describe this tart! First off, we’d like to say how much we LOVED the chocolate in this tart – it reminded us of the fairly popular brand of chocolate known as Milka. The buttery tart was fragile but held its shape until you bite into it; as it melted in your mouth alongside the creamy chocolate it will send sensations of satisfaction that cannot be described through your body! Our favourite part about this tart was the chocolate which left us licking dollops of it off the tart! Do yourself a favour and order these – you can thank us later!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Tart | Rs.1,400 

Just hearing the words ‘Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt’ is music to one’s ears, and being able to pop this combo in your mouth is a blessing on one’s taste buds! We would have liked a little more sea salt on the tarts but the saltiness was somewhat balanced out by the brackish tart that sheathed the smooth dark chocolate! *heart eyes*


Instagram worthy is the only way to put it!


Felt like Goldilocks when tasting Lil Baker’s goodies because every bite was ‘just right’! Thanks to the Lil Baker fan base, we were able to get the real deal off her goodies and we are beyond happy that we got a second chance! For a “Lil Baker” she sure has made a big name for herself! We definitely will swing by for more cookies and tarts, in particular! (And to pet her doggos as well)

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