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Sprinkles Bakes

Reviewed by Dinul Hettiarachchi | 7 months ago

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When we heard of yet another home baker we were sceptical at first, but after seeing their skills on Instagram, we knew she was going places! 



Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting | Rs.150 / piece (min. 12 cupcakes) 

One bite of this thick, moist red velvet cupcake topped with a beautiful swirl of smooth cream cheese, and you will fall in love with how it makes your taste buds sway like when that marimba rhythm plays. The cupcake was thick and creamy and although some people may prefer a dry, crumbly red velvet cake, we loved every bit of this cupcake.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache | Rs.160 / piece (min. 12 cupcakes) 

If only eating roses would be this delightful...From the moment your lips touch the soft creamy icing, the experience of the Boston cream pie begins. With the moist centre and a well textured vanilla base(but slightly chocolatey cake due to the slightly overpowering ganache), this cupcake can't do anyone wrong!

Ferrero Rocher Stuffed Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting | Rs.350 / piece (min. 6 cupcakes) 

Presentation wise, we were really surprised with not one, but two Ferrero Rochers (one subtly hidden inside)! The icing wasn't really the best we've seen due to its extra creamy, over-whipped appearance (like a burnt Olaf just melting). The cupcake itself was beyond compare, with the gentle chocolate flavour along with the crispiness of the Ferrero Rocher inside. However, the icing was a bit too salty and since every other element of the cupcake was sweet, the saltiness really cut through.

Vanilla Cupcakes | Rs.110 / piece (min. 12 cupcakes) 

If anything tastes as good as it looks, it has got to be these cupcakes! Not only does this killer cupcake offer a gentle swirl of vanilla icing but also a perfectly sweet cake base to satisfy your every cupcake-related need. Gone are the days when we had to depend on our significant other to fix our moods, because these cupcakes are the only remedy you need!

Chocolate Cupcakes | Rs.120 / piece (min. 12 cupcakes) 

All this cake will give you is sweet, sweet loving (and tooth decay and cavities) with its overload of sweetness! Not that we are complaining though, since we’d approve of this cake any day but mind you, it's hard to resist temptations; especially when that temptation is topped with a buttery chocolate layer of icing!

Fudge Brownies | Rs.110 / piece (min. 6 pieces) 

If you're looking for a brownie that is not too sweet but satisfies the chocoholic in you just right, look no further because here it is! This brownie had a subtle after taste of strong cocoa but had the perfect sweet factor while it was being eaten. Although the concept of 'fudge' may not be quite there, the brownie was a good addition to my goodies basket.

Cookie Dough Brownies | Rs.140 / piece (min. 6 piece)

Although the brownie beneath was a solid 7/10, the layer of cookie dough was a major no for us. The cookie dough layer had a salty edge which really cut through the sweetness of the brownie. What we looked for was a more moist cookie dough layer to balance out the dryness of the brownie but instead, both layers were dry. On their own though (the dough and brownie) they served as excellent individual delicacies.


Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze | Rs.400 / piece (min. 5 pieces) 

“My anaconda don't want none unless you got (sprinkle bakes) buns hun!”

Take a bite from their thick, sweet roll topped with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting and you'll know why we’re singing! This cinnamon roll was soft and had a sweet cinnamon taste which was very subtle due to the sheer size of the roll. The element of this delicacy that stole the spotlight was the sweet, creamy frosting which was moist and buttery.

Flower Bread Rolls (Tuna Filling) | Rs.100 / piece (min. 10 bread rolls) 

While the flavour of the tuna filling was spicy, it was scarce amidst the abundant doughy bread. The tuna filling will have you craving for more and the chewy dough will have you biting harder. Small tweaks to the flower bread are required, and the taste will equal the presentation of the bread roll.

Mini Pizza (Chicken) | Rs.75 / piece (min. 12 nos)

Although it may not look like the most pleasant piece of culinary art (you should never judge a pizza by its looks), the pizza dough was soft and comforting, though the topping was not so. The upper crust of the dough was dry and had me craving a saucier taste, but it's nothing major as just an extra dash of sauce can fix this. While I understand that some people prefer a not-so-spicy option, I felt that the chicken topping could have had more flavour whilst the dry texture of the chicken was fine and added a crispy edge to the pizza which worked miracles together with the soft dough.


Her treats are well decorated but only some looked like it had actually taken effort to do so. Whether it's a beautiful rose shaped icing topper or a swirl of cream cheese, it really does serve the aesthetic purpose it is supposed to. However, when it came to some treats like the cookie dough, it did not please us much.

Order and Delivery

And what more could you ask for when she delivers right to your doorstep? All it takes is a simple DM or order by calling her two days in advance, and she'll have you drilling over for two days before delivering those treats to you! The process really is as easy as '1 2 3' *cue Jackson 5*


If anyone needs a small treat, be it sweet or savoury, this home-baker is the one to call. She may not own a Candy shop so 50 Cent can't take us there, but she will take us to that happy place with her affordable goodies! She is just starting out so with experience, her skills are going to be killer and all of us are going to have to stay in line to be served some of her treats but till then, bake bake bake away...

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