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Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 11 months ago

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Another lovely home-baker emerged to excite your taste buds, but in her very own way. Varying from cupcakes to brownies to attractive cakes, Sugar Inc does your average bakes but with a magical twist!

Chocolate Brownies | Rs. 100

Mind you, these brownies can be misleading at a glance. They were a little less than half an inch thick therefore our expectations were not high; but boy, were we glad that we were feasting with our mouths and not our eyes! These squares of goodness were lusciously gooey beyond their crackling surface. As part of the “Fudgey Brownie Lovers” group, the thick, half baked brownies we were provided with set the brownie bar quite high.

Salted Caramel Cupcakes | Rs. 1260 (Pack of 6)

Now these are not your regular salted caramel cupcakes! Oh no! They are definitely a step up! The cupcake as a whole was an absolute treat! One could easily fill you up to the point where you cannot move and have to take a breather. The cake was beautifully moist and not too sweet or too buttery, which was great because the layer of frosting on top balanced the sugar ratio. The frosting had rich salted caramel folded into it and we can safely say it was in fact salted caramel because the grains of salt were prominently crunched through whilst we happily munched away. In addition to this madness, pieces of popcorn were carefully placed at the peak of the cupcake and there was more salted caramel drizzled on top! *drools*

Bailey’s Cupcake | Rs. 1500 (Pack of 6)

How could you say no when you’re offered an alcohol infused cupcake or anything in general? The answer is, you don’t! But sometimes when there is the involvement of alcohol, it leads to over-dosage; thankfully not in this case as the vanilla cupcake was only accompanied by an irresistible Bailey’s infused frosting! The icing was quite sugary, we blame it on the sweet Bailey’s as well as the icing sugar but it was super nevertheless! Perfect for the people who would eat their booze rather than drink it!

Vanilla Cake with Classic Butter-Cream, decorated with Flowers | Rs. 3500 ( 1.5kg)

A sight for sore eyes and the perfect vanilla cake in our opinion! A two layered vanilla cake sandwiched and covered with pearl white icing and adorned with fresh flowers. The amount of buttercream between the double layered cake was sufficient, so was the layer that covered the cake itself. The flowers were truly a fabulous addition to the cake; the red, orange and yellow flowers against the white icing gave the cake an graceful but rustic look, perfect for a rustic themed wedding. Three more tiers and we could have had an elegant wedding cake!


Apart from the brownies, the cupcakes and the cake were truly a spectacle! The Salted Caramel cupcakes decorated with popcorn and salted caramel drizzle; the cocoa powder dusted Bailey’s cupcakes and, last but definitely not least, the flower embellished Vanilla cake! Sugar Inc. scored with their lovely presentation! The cupcakes were wrapped in the cutest polka dotted cupcake holders (different from your regular cupcake moulds) where if you mastered the art of peeling the wrapper, you would be left with a little plate to eat your cupcake off of, and were placed in lovely white boxes with transparent tops. Each of their boxes had their cute logo in view; they are evidently proud of their work!



Very timely service, the deliveryman had no problem in finding the location even though many deliverymen find it difficult.


Sugar Inc. most certainly satisfied our sweet tooth! Curious to know what else they’ve got in store so we’ll definitely be ordering from them again!

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