Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Can u recall the last time you had an extremely sweet treat or dessert that gave you a sugar rush?

Here’s another Sugar Rush we are talking about – one of the popular bakers being checked up on Instagram and that’s the very reason we were quite eager to try them out.


Chocolate Chip Brownies | Rs.120 each

Gooey at the center and slightly crusty on the outer layer – that’s what we expect in Brownies, don’t we? And that’s exactly what they had to offer! Although it’s called Chocolate Chip Brownies, it didn’t contain any Chocolate Chips though. Rather, every bite was a delicious retreat with all the chunks of dark and milk chocolate melting in the mouth.

Plain Brownies | Rs.90 each

These didn’t level up to the standards of their Chocolate Chip Brownies. It was softer at the center, rather than gooey. Although goo, it wasn’t our favourite.

Chip Rainbow Cake | Rs.1700

The cake had all the colours of the rainbow (well, except for one) and each layer was a radiant hue of the colour. The cake was quite soft at the center and all the layers tasted just the same – the only difference was the variety of colours that kept catching the eye. It didn’t really excite the sweet buds – but that was covered up by the sweetness of the thick, milky icing.

(Their food doesn’t contain alcohol unless requested)


The presentation was actually a treat to the eye. It was the sort of food that made you dribble over just by having a glance at it.

The Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cake was tall with its surface muddled up with colourful sprinkles, chocolate chips and pearls! – No, not the oyster pearls but edible pearls.

Order & Delivery

Sugar Rush works on pre-order and placing your order 2-3 days before the day you require the item would be just fine. Currently they do not provide delivery services and you may want to keep an eye out for the dog at the pick up location if you are afraid of it.


As one of our reviewers mentioned - the treats certainly gave us a sugar rush! Maybe their plain Brownies and the icing on the Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cake could be improved but overall, we loved them!

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