Sweets to Go

Sweets to Go

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Sweets to Go is yet another home-baker offering really yummy treats and they’re distinctive as well.


Red Velvet Cupcakes | Rs.100

This was not the usual Red Velvet Cupcake dolled up with the red cake scatters on top. We got a box full of differently decorated cakes with varieties of swirls. The cake was as usual red and the icing was super tasty with its creamy and smooth texture. To make it yummier, they had trickled honey on them as well!

Brownies | Rs.100

Brownies in square chunks? Nah. These came in tiny foil cups and they were topped with nuts. These were a bit moist yet a good treat overall.

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding | Rs.500

Expecting all dark brown layer of chocolates? No, it didn’t look like that. It was more creamy beige in colour and was giving away the flavour of chocolate combined with coffee. The pudding was overloaded with icing sugar n it tasted truly wonderful!


The Cupcakes and Brownies came in colourful and neat cups and the treats were catching our eyes since we first laid eyes on them.

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Sweets to Go maybe the pick for your sweet cravings and we are sure you would not be disappointed.

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Sweets to go is a lovely place

(11 months ago)

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