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Tiny H Bakes

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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Here’s yet another Instagram based home baker that caught our eye and we decided to check out! From the innovative cakes to a range of the other goodies we were simply at awe.



Red Velvet Cakes | Rs.2250 for 2lbs

  • First, let’s take a minute to appreciate how good they look! The cake was in a bright shade of red which was smothered in layers of vanilla cream cheese which bought out a strong vanilla based flavor to the entire cake. We certainly enjoyed how fresh and moist the cake was with the aromatic icing. The cake also had handfuls of red velvet cake crushed as garnish and edible silver pearls that you use to crave for as a child!

Brownie Based Cake (With Preffered Topping) | Rs. 2250 onwards for 2lbs

  • The brownie based cake looked like it dropped down from chocolate heaven right into our hands. What was pleasing was the fact the brownie was in fact the fudgy kind and not the cakey type! The cake had quite a strong butter cream layer that almost ruined the incredible flavor of the brownie base. For garnish, it was sprinkled with lots of shaved dark and white chocolate along with the cherry on top being a delicious MnMs and a fat Oreo placed right on top!



The cakes were delivered in white Cardboard boxes with their logo atop. The cakes were breathtakingly beautiful and you cannot wait to place your hands on them! 



The goodies will be delivered via a metered tuk along with ensuring that the order is placed two days in advance, the minimum quantity per cake is 2lbs.



 We would with confidence admit that Tiny H Bakes have done a great job and we cannot wait to try everything else on the menu!


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