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Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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This Brownie Queen has been in operation for a while serving up a range of brownies, from mints to chocolate to s'mores and anything you can possibly do to a brownie. What caught our eyes the moment the package arrived was the fact that they’ve made eating brownies so much cooler with their sleek purple packaging, and a cardboard bag that had ‘gourmet brownies ‘displayed on one side which caught a lot of curious eyes whilst I made my way home once picked up (it felt super high and mighty holding a fat box of treats all for yourself)


It is however important to note that we did not pick a particular brownie category, but instead received an assortment of all the best flavors according to Treats N Stuff.

The brownie itself had something unique which you’d understand the moment you break it into two or take a bite. The fact that it was sweet, extremely gooey, mostly filled with loads of cashew crushed into the dough and oddly really sticky (with the sugar we must assume) made it quite a delicious mix and can be enjoyed without anything layered on top!


As the name itself suggests, this was a brownie with a dollop of chocolate ganache and a piece of the Hershey’s chocolate bar.


Now this one was quite interesting, the mini fluffs of yellow marshmallows were baked into the brownies in a layer right at the top making it look like it’s covered in snow! The brownie was extra gooey and would be perfect those who enjoy their s’mores.


Now what we loved about this was the fact that it had a complete Ferrero placed on top like its some mighty chocolate (were not in disagreement of course) once again in a puddle of messy ganache.

Chocolate chips

 This was a brownie with an extremely crispy top layer that looks super satisfying with a handful of mini chocolate chips, that were fun to pick on.

Nutty chocolate

This wasn’t the usual ganache but rather melted chocolate combined with lots of crushed cashew. It was moist, sweet and we enjoyed the nutty crunch and after taste.

Plain ganache

This is the brownie where you get to appreciate the actual ganache without any distractions. We loved how it was smooth, dark and tempting.

Caramelized nuts

This was extra crispy especially since the crushed nuts were cooked in sugar syrup, and it was extremely sweet and had a lot of oomph.  

Nuts and chocolate

This was pretty much like the nutty chocolate but with far less chocolate.

Strawberry ganache

This particular brownie has a fat slice of strawberry almost half concealed in a layer of the favorite ganache. It was super refreshing to have a bite of fruit along with the goodness of brownie.


This was a brownie with a chocolate covered mint placed on top, at first the mint can get a little overwhelming however if you’re a peppermint flavor and love that spice you’d absolutely adore this one.

Mini sprinkle hearts

This was once again the usual with a sprinkle of red, white and pink tiny hearts. Would be fabulous as gifts or on valentines.


Like I initially mentioned the brownies looked incredibly gorgeous, and the packaging was most certainly classic expensive and I believe the best part about Treats N Stuff is the fact that there is a range of packaging to choose from.


 Brownies are only sold in boxes and not per piece rate.


Brownies would need a minimum of 1-2 hours or even more depending on rush seasons as well as they do deliver to your doorstep.


We believe that Treats N Stuff most certainly do focus on giving unique, hand crafted brownies however what we loved the most was the mint brownies as well as the nutty chocolate. It's nice to see how Treats N Stuff are super cool will the amount of nuts they've got in the brownies!


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