Vanilla Bean Bakery

Vanilla Bean Bakery

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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The Vanilla Bean Bakery is new to the home baker industry in Colombo, and they certainly got a sweet round up of delicious goodies for both adults and kids and basically to everyone in between! 

Now this lovely home baker business is run by a beautiful mother and daughter who enjoys baking and spending time in the kitchen! The goodies have always been a word of mouth with an exclusive customer base until recent when they were probed into making it official and allowing everyone else in this beautiful island to have a slice of heaven! 

Food & Drink 

Dark Chocolate Ecstasy Cake | 1.5kg : 2750/- | 3kg : 5500/-

This beautiful cake doesn't only scream artisan but once you cut into a slice you'd start to savor and try to keep your salivary glands in order! The thick dark chocolate cake with a super thick chocolate ganache! It was super duper chocolatey and so rich, you'd absolutely LOVE it. Once you go Dark Chocolate ecstasy cake you'd never go back! 

Lilly Pond1.25kg: Rs.2500 | 2.5kg: Rs.5000 

Now this cake is basically like an oil painting. It's so pretty you might reconsider eating it ( literally ) and when you do finally take a bite, you'd be crying because it is so good! I'm talking about a cookie and cream based cake with a thick delicious Oreo filling!

Spiced Carrot Cake | 1kg: Rs.2000

The spiced carrot cake is the perfect dessert to go with a Royal tea! Now if you want spice in both your cake ( and life ) then do check this out. The cake is stuffed with cooked cream and carrot with a toasted coconut topping. 

Hummingbird Cake | 1.5kg: Rs.2250 | 3kg: Rs.4500

Now this one is super interesting, the cake has a very rich flavor with a delicious cream cheese topping. 

Cinnamon Rolls | Rs.300 each (Minimum order of 6)

Inspired by Cinnamon and re created at the Vanilla Bean Bakery with a twist in spice! A cinnamon flavored roll with a delicious sugar glaze! 

Chocolate Rolls | Rs.325 each (Minimum order of 6) 

Now this one got me wanting to stuff my pocket with these before I leave! ( yes they were so good! ) a chocolate paste roller into the roll and glazed! 


The cakes are made of scratch and presentation on fleek! They look mouth watering and very eye catching. You can see that a lot of hard works been put into the cake both on the outside as well as the custom layers inside. The boxing and matching ribbon seems like the perfect treat for occasion, birthdays and simply whilst you sip on coffee or tea! 

Order & delivery 

Cakes need atleast a minimum of 4 days notice and unfortunately they do not offer delivery service. It's a pick up point in a very convenient place - No: 3 


In short we absolutely loved this home baker. They are super friendly and the chemistry between mum and daughter and work as well as the love they put into the baking makes cake taste extra yummy! Do try out the chocolate cake and the cinnamon rolls! 

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