Venice by Ocean

Venice by Ocean

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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When you’re feeling down or had a shitty day at work, or you’re just done with life and all you want to do (for the rest of your life if possible) is to get into your old PJs, tune into your favorite Tv series and scramble around the fridge trying to find your tub of ice cream. This classic scenario can never get old across any culture or time frame, which means at the end of the day Ice Cream saves the day!

Now what’s important to note is, just like how the perfect pillow or the right partner (lol) can make everything alright. You’d also need to get your hands on the right ice cream. THIS is where Venice by Ocean makes all your ice cream wishes come true.

Everywhere you’d find mainstream flavors and you’re practically tired of eating the usual vanilla or strawberry and sick of paying large amounts for scoops that promise you a fancy name and imported ingredients and yet taste like local ice cream.

Venice by Ocean is a fresh and local Sri Lankan ice cream maker! Oceanie named after the vast and beautiful oceans, is blessed with hands that’ll whip you ice creams that fell straight from heaven. Furthermore, she’s got an extensive menu with flavors you probably wouldn’t have even imagined and stays true to its name.

Here’s what we checked out!

Ice Creams

Coffee with Oreo

All ice creams are made with hand and lots love – and this flavor made me change my perspective on ice cream entirely. Who knew coffee and Oreos would work so well? With the creamy texture, folded repeatedly with giant chunks of Oreo biscuits (which also gave you something to munch on) with the aromatic coffee infusion that’ll knock you dead to sweet coffee paradise!

Double Trouble Dark Chocolate

Chocolate without doubt is a classic, but what happens when you got double the fun? This flavor was a burst of all things fancy and chocolate dancing on your taste buds. The fresh and chunky chocolate chips with every spoon and the rich flavor of the dark chocolate so smooth you’d mistaken it for mousse.

Salted Caramel

This flavor gives you the chills reminding you of all the sticky toffees you enjoyed sucking on as a kid! Imagine a rich, thick caramel with the right amount of sprinkled salt making you fall into a deep ecstatic journey. IT WAS SO GOOD.


500 ml | Rs.50/-

1 ltr | Rs.1250/-

Special Flavours

500 ml | Rs.850/Rs.950

1 ltr | Rs.1600/Rs.1800


The ice creams come in a plain plastic container with their logo and flavor name on the lid.


It's pick up from Crimpers - Narahenpita. It's preferred to place the order 48hours earlier,  however they also have a running stock at Crimpers!


What else more to say? If you feel sad or you want to ensure your dinner party got some outstanding ice cream flavors, then this is the place to get your ice cream fix.

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