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Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 10 months ago

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Sits is one of THE FIRST home-bakers in Sri Lanka, and if you haven’t tried her creations and have been living in Colombo all your life, then we’re going to assume that you’ve been bed ridden. Apart from being the one of the first, her creations are seriously top class! Her signature chocolate cakes are worth dying for! (LITERALLY) We were truly blessed to be able to try her pieces of art despite her thoroughly busy schedule.


Chocolate Mocha Cupcake | Rs.140 per cupcake

This reminded me of a chocolate mocha iced blend from Coffee Bean without the ice. After one bite into both the cupcake and frosting, there is a moment that you don’t feel the coffee but in the middle, there is a burst of coffee the same way an espresso shot feels in an iced blend. Yes, this is for those coffee and chocolate lovers who cannot resist the mix of the two.


Chocolate Ganache Cupcake | Rs.150 per cupcake

I was looking for words to describe how delectable this cupcake is! Sit’s signature moist chocolate cupcake covered in luscious ganache and topped with a little chocolate curl. This was truly flawless! The cupcake and ganache was a seamless combination of both texture and flavor. The cupcake was made not too sweet so that the ganache filled in the empty sweet spots in your mouth.


Chocolate Cupcake | Rs.120 per cupcake

Sit’s signature chocolate cake and frosting recipes remind me of Willy Wonka’s chocolate and candy recipes – EVERYONE WANTS IT! Not only does she make cupcakes out of it but she makes full blown cakes because unfortunately one cannot stop at just one cupcake. The cupcakes are probably for the more health conscious people who want to have limited amounts of cake. The fluffy cupcake paired with that irresistible frosting is like taking a bite of heaven. Do yourself a favour and order these for your next birthday but keep a few away from your guests because you’ll have none left at the end!


Red Velvet Cupcake | Rs.180 per cupcake

As a red velvet fanatic, this was a favorite! The velvety cocoa cupcake with an amazing cream cheese frosting! This combo is hard to beat and is truly a match made in heaven!


Vanilla Cupcake | Rs.120 per cupcake

A popular flavor for the non-chocolatiers: an indulgent vanilla cupcake with a simple but decadent vanilla buttercream frosting. Simple but ever-so good!


Vanilla Cupcake with Coffee Frosting | Rs.140

An unusual flavor contrast but one that tastes pretty darn good! A moist vanilla cupcake followed by a kick thanks to the coffee infused frosting  topped with crunchy nuts on top!

Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies | Rs.3500

OH. MY. GOODNESS. The cookie was crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle and when you reach the chocolate chunks, it feels like an NYE party in your mouth. The chocolate chunks melt in your mouth as soon as it hits your tongue. Even the chocolate used is of the highest quality! Kudos to Sit’s and her team for absolutely nailing these bites of awesomeness!

Meringue Indulgence (small) | Rs.2250

We can guarantee you will get exactly what you see in the title – pure indulgence! Layers of crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth meringue, fresh cream topped with tart strawberries and the juiciest lychees! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then I don’t know what will!! Fly yourself to the moon and soar among the stars with a bite of this beauty!


Sit’s absolutely nails her presentation every single time! From the gorgeous garnishes on her cupcakes to her beautifully wrapped little cookies to the stunning meringue indulgence – we are not surprised when we are told that she is considered the one of the best home-bakers! All her cake boxes are stamped with a little sticker of her signature, which adds a very personal touch to her creations!



All her desserts and cakes are ordered for pick up.



The cakes and desserts are definitely worth the money you are paying. We can most definitely assure it!



Hats off to Sit’s and her team for pulling of some of the best cakes and desserts you’ll find in Sri Lanka! But really, if you haven’t tried her marvelous work, order some cupcakes or cakes, for your own sake! She does fabulous cakes for kids AND adults!  

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