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The Cakesmith

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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With so many home bakers in the country, you're quite helpless in a pool trying to make the right choice. Speaking of right choices, you can't possibly go wrong with The Cakesmith!

Here's what we checked out!


Plain brownie | Rs.100

Talk about a brownie the size of your palm and tastes like it dropped straight outta brownie heaven? We simply adored this fat chunky beauty, it had a nice crackled crisp layer on top along with a gooey, fudgey middle.

Chocolate biscuit pudding | Rs.350

The jar is so fancy! The biscuit pudding comes in an adorable glass jar wrapped in their specialty sticker and gold ribbon giving it an extremely royal look and would look great on your Instagram or as the ideal gift. Moving on! The pudding has a thick layer of vanilla butter cream atop along with the rich chocolate and the lightly soaked biscuits. We found it to be rich in flavor and something you'd dig into whenever you're feeling down. (Best served cold)

Chocolate fudge Cookies | price on request

These fudge cookies were simply irresistible. They looked like mini rocks, yet were undeniably silky smooth and just melted in your mouth like chocolate powder. You gotta order these babies, definitely not your average Cookie Monster!

Shortbread cookies | price on request

This was quite interesting. We enjoyed how it looked since it looked like a cookie cake. Furthermore, it was truly delicious with a ginger infused cookie dough flavor that was fresh outta the oven along with thick chunks of chocolate chips.

Chocolate fudge cake | Rs.2500 (price may vary)

This ones a clear winner! We adored how moist the cake was and decadently rich in chocolate. Topped with an incredibly thick fudge glaze, this cake is to die for.


The items were neatly packed in their safe white boxed packaging and was convenient to carry around without worrying too much. 


They would deliver these bad boys via a metered tuk or you can pick it up from their location. Furthermore they'd need two days in advance before they get your order ready!



Finally we'd like to end on a positive note that we'd definitely be heading here to make all our sweet cravings into a reality.

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