Take Away


Sweets to Go maybe the pick for your sweet cravings and we are sure you would not be disappointed.


We loved it. You will love it too!


Oh, nothing much to say. Just that Bake Cottage is one of the best we have come across!


The Vanilla Bean Bakery is new to the home baker industry in Colombo, and they certainly got a sweet round up of delicious goodies for both adults and kids and basically to everyone in between!


This Brownie Queen has been in operation for a while serving up a range of brownies, from mints to chocolate to s'mores and anything you can possibly do to a brownie.


Cakeology is a home baker that specializes in a variety of cupcakes to mouth watering cakes! You’d be stunned once you scroll down her Instagram page, with the delightful goodies. Sumaiya is a psychology undergraduate and with all the college hours were pretty impressed with how she manages to keep the baking going on no matter what!


We'd definitely re-order from Brownie & Co., but we'd stay put from the cupcakes. Those most certainly need improvement and we've tried better!


As one of our reviewers mentioned - the treats certainly gave us a sugar rush! Maybe their plain Brownies and the icing on the Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cake could be improved but overall, we loved them!


A humble home baker working on her products for almost two years, having the quirky thought of finding the missing sweetness in your kitchen space thus her naming Kitch and.... hmmm a cookie?


Venice by Ocean is a fresh and local Sri Lankan ice cream maker! Oceanie named after the vast and beautiful oceans, is blessed with hands that’ll whip you ice creams that fell straight from heaven. Furthermore, she’s got an extensive menu with flavors you probably wouldn’t have even imagined and stays true to its name.


Cuppa Crème can be considered one of the best. Their biscuit pudding is to die for – don’t forget to try it out.


We would with confidence admit that Tiny H Bakes have done a great job and we cannot wait to try everything else on the menu!

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