Sweets to Go maybe the pick for your sweet cravings and we are sure you would not be disappointed.


The Bakestore didn't really disappoint us, but they could have made us happier.


We loved it. You will love it too!


Oh, nothing much to say. Just that Bake Cottage is one of the best we have come across!


The Vanilla Bean Bakery is new to the home baker industry in Colombo, and they certainly got a sweet round up of delicious goodies for both adults and kids and basically to everyone in between!


As one of our reviewers mentioned - the treats certainly gave us a sugar rush! Maybe their plain Brownies and the icing on the Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cake could be improved but overall, we loved them!


We only have to say that you will love Bakes N Beyond!


We enjoyed Little miss Shortcake, but we'd rather if she had fudgy brownies and Gooey cookies. Passion fruit cupcakes are must try and it won't fail to disappoint you. 


Cuppa Crème can be considered one of the best. Their biscuit pudding is to die for – don’t forget to try it out.


We would with confidence admit that Tiny H Bakes have done a great job and we cannot wait to try everything else on the menu!


Cravings by Sue could easily fall under the category of our favourite home-bakers! We highly recommend her granola and brownies because they were seriously top notch! Although the pricing may seem overwhelming, taste it and it’ll be worth it in the end


Sugar Inc. most certainly satisfied our sweet tooth! Curious to know what else they’ve got in store so we’ll definitely be ordering from them again!

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