A humble home baker working on her products for almost two years, having the quirky thought of finding the missing sweetness in your kitchen space thus her naming Kitch and.... hmmm a cookie?


We only have to say that you will love Bakes N Beyond!


We enjoyed Little miss Shortcake, but we'd rather if she had fudgy brownies and Gooey cookies. Passion fruit cupcakes are must try and it won't fail to disappoint you. 


Cuppa Crème can be considered one of the best. Their biscuit pudding is to die for – don’t forget to try it out.


Felt like Goldilocks when tasting Lil Baker’s goodies because every bite was ‘just right’! Thanks to the Lil Baker fan base, we were able to get the real deal off her goodies and we are beyond happy that we got a second chance! For a “Lil Baker” she sure has made a big name for herself! We definitely will swing by for more cookies and tarts, in particular! (And to pet her doggos as well)


We'd definitely be heading here to make all our sweet cravings into a reality.


Hats off to Sit’s and her team for pulling of some of the best cakes and desserts you’ll find in Sri Lanka! But really, if you haven’t tried her marvelous work, order some cupcakes or cakes, for your own sake! She does fabulous cakes for kids AND adults!

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