Sweets to Go maybe the pick for your sweet cravings and we are sure you would not be disappointed.


The Bakestore didn't really disappoint us, but they could have made us happier.


A humble home baker working on her products for almost two years, having the quirky thought of finding the missing sweetness in your kitchen space thus her naming Kitch and.... hmmm a cookie?


We’d say we liked Baked with Love. You may try them as well. Do try out their Fruit Tart and Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes!


If anyone needs a small treat, be it sweet or savoury, this home-baker is the one to call. She may not own a Candy shop so 50 Cent can't take us there, but she will take us to that happy place with her affordable goodies! She is just starting out so with experience, her skills are going to be killer and all of us are going to have to stay in line to be served some of her treats but till then, bake bake bake away...

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