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Food is love. Food is life. And that’s one of our timeless favourites. With more Restaurants and other eateries popping up at every nook and corner of Sri Lanka, who wouldn’t want to try out all the exclusive cuisines offering a delectable taste? And choosing a place to satisfy your taste buds is surely a hard decision to make when you have so many places on the list!


EAT is here to help you Foodies by providing an insight on every aspect of all the Restaurants and Cafes out there. EAT is a part of Novitat Media – a Digital Media Marketing Agency providing commercial services of Social Media Marketing, Web Design/Development, Creative Design and many more.


Shibly Ibrahim, the founder of the parent company, has raised the platform of Novitat Media by now commencing operations on its subsidiary – EAT.


“Our main aim is to promote food and culture while providing our readers with utmost honest reviews keeping in mind that they should be enlightened with real information.” – Shibly Ibrahim


EAT stands out from its kind due to its basic principle – providing unbiased reviews.


The founder also stated that, “Our reviews are not influenced by the fact that the food being reviewed is being paid for by EAT or being received for free. We are completely transparent to our readers as well as restaurants and cafes, making sure that no injustice is done to both parties.”


“Restaurants and Cafes are often assessed by at least two of our reviewers, helping to arrive at a mutual conclusion so that the reviews are precise. Moreover, our team is built up of hardworking and determined adherents who work as a family to make EAT a success in the long-run!” – Hafsa Killru, Editor.


Launching soon in the following month of February, you can come check out the reviews of all those Restaurants and Cafes you’ve always wanted to visit before you drop by.


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