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Bubble Tea has certainly created a fad among Sri Lankan's in the past few months and still continues to be at the top of everyone’s favorite list. Located at the center of K-zone, Ja-Ela – Bubbluscious has taken initiative to add up to the places offering Bubble Tea.


To all the brownie lovers out there, what we’re going to say next will make sense in a spiritual level. We’re talking about a casual chic cafe serving solely BROWNIES!


Simply saying – we loved Isso! They may have quite a few undetected minuses such as smaller portion of food for the price paid - yet overall they are two thumbs-up!  


Mabroc has an extensive menu from which you can choose both hot and cold drinks - be it milk based or tea based or slushes as well as the types of bubbles. The drink can be topped with tapioca, flavored popping bubbles and jellies! With friendly staff, a great ambiance and incredible prices, here's what we checked out!


A bit over-priced, but then their portions are quite large enough for two. The Sizzles doesn’t necessarily fall under casual dining nor high-end restaurants; they are open to anyone! What more? We even had a chat with the man behind The Sizzles, Mr. Tushar and we were told that very soon they will be opening a sister restaurant at Dehiwala, with larger capacity and much more!


Bubble Tea - We, Sri Lankans, have been going crazy over it since some time, haven't we? Offered exclusively at specific spots, Bubble Tea still has a fan following of its own. And this is why we, at EAT, have been hunting down all the places selling Bubble Tea. 


Definitely, we will be heading over here again! They've got great flavors in all their dishes and simply savored every bit of it. It's a perfect hangout spot and with ample parking space and an easy access location. We'd prefer more brownies in our sundae, though.


Located in midst of the jammed hotels in Galle Road is yet another spot for your average lunch or dinner. The New Amirthaa Hotel is completely a vegetarian hotel where you get everything, well, except meat.


We enjoyed Paddington and what's there to say? You'd love it too! 


We loved The Chaat Kade and we are definitely popping in for more and more of these mouth-watering Chaats and street food. You will have one of the best street food experiences here!.


We loved Cioconut - that's all we have to say!

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