Alexandra & Ward Fashion Cafe + Nihonbashi

Alexandra & Ward Fashion Cafe + Nihonbashi

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

When the Promenade opened for the public at the Odel, Alexandra place I was seriously intrigued to explore the range of restaurants, cafes and bistros that were a treat for the eyes! The fact that the Alexandra & Ward Fashion Cafe had both ‘fashion’ and the two iconic landmarks where both Odel and the restaurant is located made it to my ‘list of restaurants I DEFINETLY got to check out’ PLUS, it’s adjoined with Nihonbashi a.k.a Dharshan Munidasa’s prized possession! (it’s all about the Japanese baby) + Oro pizza 1889. DAS RIGHT! We still got the Neapolitan sourdough pizza y’all!




Miso Soup | Rs.200

Miso soup is a favorite traditional Japanese soup with a stock called ‘Dashi’ which is a very common stock used in Japanese cooking where the main ingredients are dried kelp (seaweed!!) and dried bonito (fancy words for fish). This tastes like fish stock, with quite a salty kick, we also found mini cubes of cottage cheese I think? Which was insanely soft and melted with the heat inside your mouth. Not exactly, a huge fan since I didn’t finish off but my colleague certainly adored it. I’d say it’s an acquired taste, and it’s best consumed sipped directly from the bowl which explained why we didn’t get spoons unless on request.  

San Carlo Pizza | Rs.2100

Oh, the joy of having Oro pizza back! We ordered the San Carlo since we were hyped up about the truffle oil, mushrooms, basil and this creamy base. One bite and we thoroughly fell in love. The pizza is huge and can in fact be shared among three people for the price of 2100/- is a jackpot! The fact that it was sourdough bread and the original Neapolitan recipe is the ultimatum when it comes to pizza availability in CMB. If you want authentic, REAL, packed with LOADS of flavour – it’s San Carlo Pizza y’all.  

Sushi Maki Rolls Salmon | Rs.800

If you’ve never tried sushi before, or if you’ve had a bad experience and willing to give it one last shot – this is it. The flavour we chose was the smoked salmon, meaning it’s not raw in case you get all squirmy. The salmon was smoky with the right amount of salt and the lovely sticky rice making it the ultimate FRESHEST sushi in CMB! (Go Nihonbashi!) 


Iced Tea Soda | Rs.350 

Being a huge fan of the iced tea soda at Kaema Sutra, I just had to place the order once again right here once I scanned the drinks menu. It’s the only iced tea that’s filling and rich, which means it’ll last throughout the meal and with that price it’s well worth it. It was sweet, but not the sticky gross kind and it was sparkling with the soda and the lovely sour burst from the strong tea infusion and the lemon slices. 



Kade Paan French Toast | Rs.500

See the name tag of this dish? That’s right, it’s actual kade paan! Fresh kade paan, soaked in their secret milk overnight making it super soft which is then fried and topped with fresh cream, kithul treacle and sweet slices of strawberries. The bread was insanely soft, it practically melted with the creamy goodness and lovely tang of the fresh strawberries which complemented the entire dish wholesomely. 


The restaurant manager is extremely friendly and keeps you on the loop with all the new menu additions to what exactly you got to order! The staff kept to themselves unless we requested for their help, and they cleared the tables on time without a fuss. 


Interior and Ambiance

It is the fashion café. What else did you expect? You get to reserve a table right inside a giant version of the bird cage which is LIT (literally). In the sense, it’s basically light up with fairy lights, with bamboo inspired seating. Just go in there for your casual lunch, romantic dates or even a business lunch! 



We are in love. The atmosphere, the staff, the food were all world class and stunning! We would be popping by once again to get our hands on the rest of their menu, the sushi and pizza! 

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