Asylum Restaurant & Bar (Brunch)

Asylum Restaurant & Bar (Brunch)

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 8 months ago

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Incase you weren't aware, the Arcade Independence Square was basically the very first Asylum in Sri Lanka before it got shifted to Angoda. With the massive change, from the stunning architecture, high end retail therapy plus a fabulous range of restaurants, bars and lounges - you'd find something to keep the sanity within and that's The Asylum. 

Inspired by the historical importance of the location, this restaurant and bar took its stand out here a couple of years back. Admirable architecture on the inside, stunning food creations and possibly the most luxurious Asylum you'd find! (Pun intended) 

Apart from being known for their catchy name, incredible ambience as well their mouth watering dishes - they've finally launched a brand new brunch menu! 

Here's what we thought. 



Soft Shell Crab Burger | Rs. 950

A crab burger is basically the dream for any seafood lover. The burger buns were actually brioche which means we know exactly how soft it was! Inside this delicious bun you've got yourself a soft shell crab fried in Sichuan pepper and salt in a crispy batter. The only problem was that we got an odd bitter aftertaste that we were trying to place our finger on and we believe it's the excess of pepper seasoning (it's a Chinese peppercorn which we'd once again point onto a wonderful fusion). Apart from that, the filling of smashed avocado which was more or less a guacamole with a interesting herb and Apple slaw which was a low key mayonnaise and green apple mix that was spot on with a dash of mango & lime aioli as garnish. 


Asylums Crumpets | Rs. 950

Crumpets are basically a type of sweet bread made on a griddle. It's soft and had a chewy and spongy texture! The Asylum crumpets is a mixture of chocolate, crushed nuts and strawberries giving you the ultimate experience. We loved the strawberry compote and the chunky strawberries that was sour and sweet with a tastebud tingling zing. The vanilla mascarpone was INSANELY smooth and creamy, and gave out a neutral feel to the CRAZY experience. The toasted nuts, for the crunch. The toasted marshmallows because why not? And the best part of it all is the syringe filled with hot chocolatey Nutella sauce! (We wouldn't mind injecting this chocolate potion in us!) 


Pulled Lamb Sliders | Rs. 850

These sliders were the bomb. We're talking about slow roasted pulled lamb shoulder, which was packed with so much flavour! The bun was a steamed bao, which is mostly used in Chinese cuisine incorporating a fusion. The chimmichuri charred corn along with the chilli aioli was tangy and gave that extra punch to the dish that could have been a little boring if not for the corn. 



With their pretty extensive drinks menu, and with their gorgeous bar - we didn't want to exactly get drunk on a Sunday afternoon! (Not that I can)


Passion Fruit Mojito (Virgin) | NA

Yes we ordered a virgin, and the Mojito was more or less on point. The drink looked delicious - with lots of crushed ice and mint leaves stirred in with the lemon and fresh passion fruit seeds giving you a refreshing flavour along with the crushed ice and the bright yellow contrasting colour. The drink was a little sour, since both the passion and lemon were citrusy fruits but we enjoyed it in this blazing heat. 



A 10/10 on presentation because it was on fleek! We loved how Instagram worthy the dishes were along with the entire pleasing interior and setting. The extra "oomph" was given to the garnish.



The moment you walk in, the waiters are full on alert to guide you to your table! They are fully equipped with the menu and didn't linger around while you're frantically trying to make your choice! The fact that you can meet the chef around too is pretty awesome.


Interior & Ambience 

The Asylum reminds you of everything but an asylum. It reminds you of a very "classic expensive" you don't get to touch experience. The rustic and contemporary pieces to the plush, comfortable seating and the golden playlist in the background transports you to a very James Bond movie and gives you a truly unique experience. 



The Asylum serves up an incredible feast for their brunch menu and you should definitely book your weekends for these! The flavours are simply divine and we enjoyed the infinite ingredients that are both gourmet and healthy which were incorporated to the dishes. Definitely heading back here!

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