Aura Cafe Colombo

Aura Cafe Colombo

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Halal Factors

Now an eco-friendly, container cafe isn’t that usual around Colombo - most importantly, a restaurant that's sleek and modern, with a pop art vibe bringing to you gourmet comfort food. We're not talking about any average food here; We're talking about food that's complicated and that's from around the globe right onto your plate, with every bite simply heartening.

Food & Drink

Nasi Lemak  | Rs.795

A Malaysian dish which will probably seem quite odd to you and you might even get weird looks from those around you when the dish arrives. It's not because it was less appetizing, but rather it was an odd combination that seemed to work incredibly well together! A dish with milk rice that's so aromatic with the fresh smell of lemon grass, to the crispy yet juicy batter fried chicken, the well-balanced sambal sauce that gave out hints of tamarind and finally to the roasted peanuts and sprats! A bite with the combination of all would bring out a unique flavor that'll make you want more and more.

Pesto Chicken Panini | Rs.820

Now, fresh Ciabatta Bread, almost as if it was just out of the oven, can be hard to find and it was truly a gem at aura with the glorious spread of chicken in a blended sauce of cashew, basil pesto just screaming Italian! The melted Gouda cheese, covering it like a blanket over the creamy and warm spread, was totally worth it. This was served with a side of fries coated in tempura. However, we found the fries rather soggy on the inside.

The Very Peri Burger | Rs.845

Might seem to be a rather casual grilled chicken burger – but, obviously looks are deceiving! The grilled chicken was marinated in a Peri Peri sauce (Nandos?) and gave a charred nevertheless spicy taste to the juicy meat. This was also served with the usual fries but we expected more out of them!

Crispy Prawns | Rs.1000

They didn't seem to have an extensive starter menu but from what was available, the crispy prawns (7 to be precise) came in a Panko crumbed coating that was served with this “oh, so” creamy cheese sauce. Yum.

Freak Shake | Rs.900 

True to its name, the drink most certainly looked like a horror in a candy store cartoon with the freaky display and design. Yes, picture horns of Brownies, wafers, strawberries, marshmallows and lots of chocolate drizzle. And the milkshake? Now that was freaky as well. Freakishy good! A rich, thick and creamy chocolate shake. We're telling you, it was freaktacular!

Peach & Peppermint Iced Tea Soda (Rs.350) -Genuine, flavored iced tea was tough to wander upon and the ones at Aura are surprisingly delicious! True to its flavour, we loved how the flavors interconnected with the zest of the tea and the punch of the soda.

Brownie Heaven | Rs.565

We must admit, we absolutely loved the dish! We loved the wafers and the gooey chunks of brownies with nuts amidst the scoops of vanilla. But we expected more brownies!

Passion Fruit Sorbet | Rs.300

The sorbet was cold (duh) with fresh concentrated passion fruit juice, giving away a sweet and sour flavour. Beat the heat with this, we tell you!


The dishes either came in modern cutlery or a wooden board with the side of fries and sandwiches. The drinks were in cutesy, artisan mugs. We adored the concept!


The staff were extremely attentive and quite friendly as well.

Interior & Ambience

You might feel like you've walked into a fancy American deli, with the bright colors and the chalkboards bringing the pop art look.


Definitely, we will be heading over here again! They've got great flavors in all their dishes and simply savored every bit of it. It's a perfect hangout spot and with ample parking space and an easy access location. We'd prefer more brownies in our sundae, though.



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