Aura Cafe Colombo (New Menu | Feb, 2017)

Aura Cafe Colombo (New Menu | Feb, 2017)

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 1 year ago

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After serving some fabulous food in the past, Aura Café has bravely jumped aboard the ‘New Year, New Menu’ train and have thought up a range of dishes that are as innovative as their restaurant layout!


Food & Drinks


Frozen Hot Chocolate | Rs.400

Not a milkshake or chocolate milk but a FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!! For all those who love hot chocolate but live in our lovely (but extremely hot) tropics, this is the drink for you! Stacked with ice cubes, this is the perfect drink for any chocoholic in Sri Lanka. And no matter how much the ice melted, the drink tasted exactly the same. 10/10 on recommendation & for officially adding this to the menu!



Naarang Iced Tea |  Rs.400

A decision we will never go back on! Firstly we’d like to say that we THOROUGHLY enjoy anything that has to do with Naarang! I mean, whoever doesn’t like Naarang will be turned into one because ‘orange’ you kidding me?! The combination of Naarang and black tea is truly a match made in heaven – the drink had tiny floating sachet like pockets floating in it, making it look like an orange galaxy in a glass! 



Crumb-fried Calamari with Curry Mayo | Rs.1100

A light and crunchy starter that was not too filling but was sufficient until we waited for our mains. The crumb coating of the calamari was wonderfully crunchy over the succulent calamari, which to our relief wasn’t chewy and hard to swallow. The curry mayo was so good that the staff wouldn’t have had to wash our plates because there was nothing left. The little drops of beetroot sauce was also a pleasant touch! Overall, this dish was spot on!


Jerk Chicken | Rs.1100

This Jamaican spiced chicken has got us singing ‘Day-o, me say day-o

Daylight come and me (DON’T) wan' go home’! One of the most unique spice combos we’ve tasted; the chicken was cooked faultlessly and was resting on a bed of chunky mash! LOVED IT!



Quesadillas | Rs.890

If you’re looking for a quesadilla that will spice up your mouth (and life), do yourself a favour and make your way to Aura Café! You genuinely cannot go wrong with good guac and sour cream on a spicy quesadilla! The juicy chicken closing over the soft wrap with a dollop of sour cream and guacamole – heaven on earth! And don’t get us started on the pita chips that came along because it might as well star in a dish of its own because they were incredible! Possessing the inability to make a single decision when it comes to sides, instead of ordering chunky fries or onion rings or sweet potato chips, just order them all with all three sauces (and some extra sour cream on the side); don’t argue, just trust us!


Lemongrass Crème Brulee Ice Cream | Rs.440

A slight disappointment as to where the lemongrass stood in this ice cream because the ice cream itself tasted a little like green tea. The crunchy caramelized sugar resembled the brulee that the ice cream was inspired by. We adored the chewy jujubes placed on top of the ice cream – the Sugar Bear is said to have jujubes as the main component, something we will be trying the next time



Their service has always been extremely pleasant! We hope the boys keep up the good work!




Not only do they use white plates now but they alternate between black and white, which is great because they are both aesthetic against the wooden interiors! Yes they’ve been using them for a while but we’d like to reiterate the fact that we love the eco-friendly straws used in their drinks!


Interior & Ambiance


Except for the menu, nothing has changed except for their attractive front area, which would remind you of the famous shot that defines LA, that includes palm trees.



We are so amazingly pleased at the changes and improvements at Aura Café and we wish them the utmost success for their hard work and goals! We are definitely ready for seconds and a chance to go through their menu entirely before they come up with something even better!



Side note: If you visit the restaurant in the near future, kindly excuse the lovely staff as they are doing their best to adjust to the new changes as quickly as possible.

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