Bakes By Bella (Breakfast)

Bakes By Bella (Breakfast)

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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BBB has always been known for their “bespoke” Baker – Bella, along with her countless range of sweet items. We were surprised (and excited) to find out that Bella has sneaked an entire Brunch menu serving all day breakfast at the café!

We went around 6:00pm after a long day, and dashed towards the counter spotting Bella and were disappointed to find out that the Breakfast menu had run out! (the demand is crazy)

But with the availability this is what we got our hands on.



Bella’s Eggs Benedict | Rs.900

This dish was a complete fusion of Sri Lanka meets English. We’re talking about poached eggs on waffles along with pol sambal with a citrus mayonnaise. The waffles were thick and airy, although it looked quite crispy it wasn’t necessarily crunchy. The eggs were poached to perfection and was silky smooth, it went so well with mayo that had a zingy lemon touch to it. The authentic sambal was spicy and didn’t lack of the citrusy flavor. We had an add on of salmon and we didn’t regret it even though it required an additional 600 bucks. It had a nice smoky flavor and wasn’t warm and we were happy to know Sri Lanka now has easy access for fabulous smoked salmon.




Iced Mocha | Rs.650

IT came in a tall glass with fifty shades of coffee, milk and chocolate. We particularly enjoyed the strong aromatic smell and the bittersweet flavors of the chilled drink. It is to note that the coffee was extremely strong where it kills the natural sweetness of the chocolate.

Add ons:

Salmon | Rs.600

Sausage Patty | Rs.300


Presentation was on point with a dark squared plate, along with a tall glass for the drinks.

Interior and ambience
Like I said, the ambience makes you fall in love with the place and the simple lounge seating and interior which is inspired from many makes it a place you'd wish to visit ever so often!


We honestly enjoyed the breakfast menu and we’re certain the rest of the menu would cater similarly.


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