Black Cat Cafe

Black Cat Cafe

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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The Black Cat Cafe caters to those who appreciate local cuisine and yet find it hard to satisfy those tastebuds that on the odd days tend to crave for mouth watering, gourmet sandwiches or typical British comfort food! 


Cinnamon and Peach Iced Tea | Rs 400

A rather pleasing combination, from the soft hues of the sweet peaches to the dark and musty flavours of cinnamon giving you a shady secret that everyone's dying to take a sip from. 

Naarang Cooler | Rs.400

A local twist, on the typical freshly squeezed naarang you'd find from street vendors. Now served in a transparent glass tumbler, you'd get fresh  (and clean) naarang juice amidst lots of ice. One problem with this is you'd have to pour the entire sugar syrup they provide per tumbler in order to get the perfect sweetness. 


Chicken portobello | Rs.900

This sandwich is exactly how it sounds - So bloody good. The chicken has been cooked for over 3 hours and pulled to make the filling along with relish and caramelised sweet onions which gave the right amount of sweetness. It was a combination of both spicy and yet tangy with the sun dried cherry tomatoes and we enjoyed the fact it was in whole grain bread too! 

Prawn mini tacos | Rs.1000

If you're practically desperate for some honest to earth good tacos, then forget googling places and head over to the Black Cat Cafe. The dish once it arrives would practically blow your mind with its looks and the delightful aroma of the fried prawns! Two crispy Taco shells with a sweet Mango salsa, that was spicy with the sweetness of the fresh mango cubes. The spicy marinated mini prawns were cooked to perfection and it was by far the best seafood tacos in town. 

* both mains were served up with fresh thick cut potato fries, fried to a crispy golden brown and melts in your mouth goodness. 


The dishes either came in a wooden board for the sandwiches and colourful ceramic plates for the taco. The ketchup and fries were in mini white bowls, along with salad as garnish. 


The staff were super friendly and kind, the cashier was informative about the menu and explained to us how certain things worked. The British waitress was super bubbly and full of energy as she served us. She reminded us of a Rachel Green, and we were disappointed to find out she's never check it out - YET! 

Interior and ambience 

The Black Cat Cafe is the perfect place to simply lounge and get creative! It's got an inviting and quite atmosphere along with mismatched tables and chairs inspired from type writer machines as well as sewing machines! 


Keeping it casual, we adored the Black Cat Cafe. Although on the pricey side, we found the food and drink completely worth the money especially since you cannot find such delicious goodness anywhere else in town. 

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