Blackbird Cafe

Blackbird Cafe

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 12 months ago

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Tucked away on the 1st floor of Liberty Arcade and overlooking the hustle and bustle of R. A De Mel Mawatha, Blackbird Café is a simple and charming little restaurant serving breakfast and brunch.

Food and Drink

The Vanilla Tea Shake | Rs.610

A Vanilla Infused Tea Shake - Really peaked our attention so we decided to try it out and were left slightly disappointed. The flavours of vanilla and tea were distinctly evident in the shake and were pleasant on the palette however, the shake as a whole had more water than milk, which created a dull aftertaste.

We opted for both sweet and savoury items on the menu including an ‘Add-On’:

The Ultimate Italian Toast | Rs.690

Thick slices of brioche soaked in espresso, served with nutella and fresh strawberries - was delicious and soaked to perfection; however we would have preferred more Nutella which we had to solemnly savour throughout the dish. The combinations of the espresso, brioche, Nutella and strawberries left us wanting more despite the fact that we were stuffed.

The Beef Steak Sandwich | Rs.990

Juicy Australian steak and jalapenos smothered with mustard mayo between two toasty ciabatta buns, served with chunky fries and salad – another superb item to have on a brunch menu. The steak was not too chewy and went perfectly with the mustard mayo and jalapenos. But the steak wasn’t even the best part! The fries were out of this world; perfectly salted and ever so chunky and crisp! We scored with this one!

‘Add-On’ Hot Butter Cuttlefish | Rs.490

This dish certainly needs no introduction. With its mildly spicy flavour, it is the ideal rendition for someone who cannot handle the spiciness of the regular version. Crispy and not too chewy, this add on is a true winner.


The presentation is very simple and thankfully not overdone, making the flavour seem better than it seems. It suits the café perfectly. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about the appearance of the food.


Service was prompt and quick, which was delightful as it is convenient for people looking for a very quick breakfast stop.

Interior & Ambience

The black and yellow interior was incredibly satisfying. Blackbirds perched on a chord were painted in both black and yellow on the window which overlooked R.A De Mel Mawatha. The wooden furniture matches the black and yellow theme. The simplistic interior gave the café a really lovely ambiance including the really good music; a playlist seriously worth stealing.


We cannot emphasise enough how beautifully simple Blackbird Café is. From the black and yellow interiors to the lovely food and drink, it is a very homey little place that we will definitely visit again.

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1st Floor Liberty Arcade at Which Way West, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo
Tel : 077 882 4844

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