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Bliss Lounge

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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With so many Lankans travelling to the Middle East for vacations and work, we find them quite accustomed to the Arabic, Turkish flavours. And when you're down in your very own country hoping just maybe you can get your hands on some fat juicy shawarma or mixed grill, the options are limited. 

We checked out Bliss Lounge - a restaurant that offers Arabic food down Duplication road.  


Strawberry Mojito | Rs 500

Everyone's heard the term Mojito by now, a word that used to be foreign to our tongue is now a local favourite. The strawberry Mojito here was spot on. We particularly enjoyed the zing and tang of the muddled lemon and mint along with the strawberry syrup they've infused, along with lots of crushed ice and some almost as huge as the Titanic Ice berg. 

Peach Iced Tea | Rs 500

The iced tea here ain't like anything you've tried before, if it wasn't for the slight tea after taste one would mistaken this for a peach drink. The peach had an overwhelming effect, with its strong sweet and syrupy flavour. 


Potato Wedges | Rs 350

For an Arabic Restuarant this was quite an odd starter, nevertheless we enjoyed the freshness of the potato tightly packed inside a golden crisp pocket. They usually serve it with a special sauce, but this time we only got ketchup. 


Chicken Shawarma | Rs 750

What's Middle East without shawarma? Trying out these sandwiches we found very little pieces of chicken with lots of chopped picked and veggies in a thin ( very thin ) almost watery like garlic sauce? We're not so sure what it was especially since the flavour was vague. The thick cut fries were soft and crispy. 

Pizza Marinara & Spicy Chicken | Rs 1100

Now we ordered a Arabic mixed grill, and only after receiving 3/4 of our meal we get the disheartening news that there's no mixed grill. With annoyance building up, we opted for the pizza menu (again, Italian food here) and went half N half with seafood and chicken. 


This particular pizza was super juicy, and spicy! We enjoyed the crunch of the onions and olives along with the stringy cheese and the soft dough. There were few seafood items, from a few scrawny prawns and a tiny calamari, regardless we enjoyed it. 

Spicy Chicken 

More than it being spicy we found it had very little heat but was sweeter. The tomato base was sweet with lots of oregano tossed as dressing, the pizza's were great. 


We wanted to give desserts a shot, and after deciding what we wanted from the limited options. The waiter tells us that there are no desserts for the day. Such a bummer. 


The drinks came in the jars that are ever so common. The dishes were in white modern plates along with cutlery, and garnish for the shawarma.


The Restuarant only had one waiter and he was running up and down. He took down our order and was quite friendly, but took time to get down the bills or take away. 

Interior and ambience 

The interior had dark hues of black and maroon with touches of full gold. It gave the ambience of a gloomy Arabian tent, but we loved the Shisha flavours that greeted us the moment we walked in.


On a final note, The Bliss Lounge is a great place to chill and be yourself. Grab yourself a great Shisha, delicious drinks and a pizza and you're good to go. Although we got a truly Arabic ambience, the authenticity of food can be questioned. 

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The worst experience ever had in this restaurant. The seats are full of filthy and sticky. Smells like dead rats. The foods looked horrible so we left without eating it. But staff were adamant and asked us to pay for it. Very rude

(3 months ago)

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