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Halal Factors

“Inspired by the concept of the classic French brewery, the Brasserie is led by head chef Dinesh Perera” says the very bio you'd find on the Brasserie by Movenpick’s Instagram.


Now, let me elaborate. The restaurant is conveniently situated  on the first floor of the hotel, or rather the restaurant is the first floor of the hotel which means that the Brasserie is what you step into as you step out of the elevator. (Another thing to note about Movenpick is that you always walk into their restaurants as you step onto that particular floor which is a pretty exciting concept, plus you'll never really get lost!)


The Brasserie experience is truly one of a kind - you're not just going to fall in love with the interior and ambience but also the wonderful French playlist that effectively sets the tone, to the friendly servers and the impressive menu.

Note – The Brasserie has two sessions during which you can enjoy a wonderful meal - the usual dinner menu and a special business lunch menu. The lunch menu consists of two options you can choose from:


1.   Menu Cote De Nacre | Rs.2900

Your choice of two dishes – Either appetiser + main course or main course + dessert or appetiser + dessert

2.   Menu Prieure | Rs.3500

-     Your choice of appetiser + main course + dessert

This menu is served from Tuesday – Friday except for holidays.




La Petite Salade Composee De La Brasserie

(Selected prawn, marinated salmon and fillet of fish with garden greens)

When I ordered this dish, I clearly pictured what I was getting until it was placed right in front of me and I could only think "WOW". The dish looked lovely and digging right into the fish fillet, my mouth exploded with a multitude of flavours - It was soft like butter with the lovely tang of sea water freshness which was simply 'melt in your mouth' divine. It was well seasoned with dil, fennel and chives, herbs and fish stock. The prawns were mediocre considering how it was simply boiled in salt and pepper - it was cooked to perfection though, which meant it wasn't too rubbery. The marinated salmon, I can safely admit, was the highlight of the appetiser. Being an avid salmon fan myself, I could tell this salmon was marinated in oil, soy sauce, onions and scallions that burst with oriental flavours which was quite surprising at a French restaurant, considering the last time I tasted something similar was when eating Japanese sashimi.

La Salade De La Cuisse De Canard Confit, Lentilles Vertes, Sauce Citronelles

(Lukewarm salad of confit duck leg, green lentils and citrus vinaigrette)

If you've tried duck anywhere else in this country and didn't enjoy it, then you should try this out. The duck leg had been cooked until it was almost melting off my fork - it had a contrasting meaty flavour to the average duck meat you may have consumed before with possible disappointment, and it magically disappeared as it hit my tongue! Cut into a piece of the meat with the fresh chunks of watermelon and the greens - you're going to thank me for the flavour confetti in your mouth! The crunchy rocket leaves complimenting the meat and the sudden burst of juicy goodness from the watermelon is everything!

Escalope De Poisson Du Jour Polee

(Pan seated fish fillet with spaghetti, tomato and basil)

Initially I was quite skeptical about getting this dish considering how badly I thought a fish fillet would go with spaghetti, but boy was I proven wrong! The fish fillet was once again cooked with so much love and perfection, that you could cry! The fillet was soft, juicy and you could see it glistening atop the stunning spaghetti that puts the Italians to shame! We're talking about finely cooked spaghetti in a soft tomato base that wasn't too overpowering or tangy which can sometimes make you fed up with the meal. It was tossed with basil, slices of olives and cherry tomatoes - mad mad love! Plus there was a squid ink cracker to munch on - it tasted quite ordinary but it will get you feeling all sorts of squirm (pun intended).

Bouef Grillee, Cannelloni Farci A La Bouef Braise, Sauce Vin Roughe

(Grilled beef sirloin, braised beef cannelloni, red wine jus)

Firstly, the presentation of this dish was on point! The sliced pumpkin and the mini asparagus added a crunch and extra colour to the overall look. The sirloin wasn't too hard, and since we got it well done the meat was pretty exquisite. You should most certainly dive into the beef with a chunk of the cannelloni, which is basically tube pasta with a minced beef and white sauce filling that was to die for. We obviously didn't have the red wine jus but rather a lovely mushroom sauce poured around which added a wholesome amount of flavour to the dish! Highly recommended for all meat lovers.


Kiwi Granate | Rs.690

I ordered the mocktail version of this which was a lovely Mojito-style drink that had tons of pomegranate seeds and kiwi slices. It was extremely refreshing and it certainly complimented the dishes too! I fell in love with the sweetness that had a slight tangy sour flavour to it from the kiwi. That, and the sweetness of the pomegranate went hand in hand.

If you want some alcohol in that, in the words of the bartender:  "25ml of rum and it's a solid drink"


Ebony | Rs.790

The Ebony would be the dream drink for any Nutella + Oreo lover! We're talking about loads of Nutella, Oreos and butterscotch ice cream. (i.e, heaven in a glass)

The drink is topped with tons of whipped cream, and a full Oreo cookie! (Yay me!)

This is an extremely filling drink - thick and super chocolatey. If you're feeling down or have broken up with your partner and need a shake to drown your worries - get this Ebony with cognac so you can get slightly buzzed or drunk without anyone judging your day drinking!


La Selection De La Patisserie Sur Notre Chariot

(Selection of pastry delights from our dessert trolley)

This was quite an exciting part of the entire experience, I mean who wouldn't fancy a BIG FAT DESSERT TROLLEY being pushed towards you and you getting to pick almost anything! We had a blueberry cheesecake with a coconut base that was splendid and tasted tropical but you're bound to enjoy it if you've got a sweet tooth. The chocolate tart wasn't what I was expecting, rather it had a mediocre crust with a chocolate filling of a jelly-like consistency, and finally the Opera cake which I personally enjoyed - considering how average it looked, it was rich in the chocolate, cream and coffee flavors!

Trilogie Des Fromages Aves Ses Garnitures

(Trio of French cheese with condiments)

Who knew you could eat cheese for dessert? Well apparently the French do, and I don't blame them when they have got enough cheese to save the world! This was a decent cheese platter, with Camembert - with its extremely creamy and soft texture that melts in your mouth it was our second favourite from the available three; Bourbon (not the alcohol) is apparently the locals favourite, and we certainly agree for we enjoyed how it was slightly sweetened and seemed like a cross breed of your average Kraft cheddar and Happy Cow cheese; Blue cheese is the smelliest cheese out there considering the fact that it has mold in it which, while making it distinct, was something that wasn't necessarily pleasant to eat but if you can ignore the stench of foot odour and taste the creamy and semi - soft blue cheese then go ahead by all means! The cheese was served along with dried apricots, cream crackers and a sweet n spicy beetroot chutney.


The dishes were served on white plates with the items delicately placed creating an aesthetic to match the interior and the table setting of the overall experience.

Each dish screams "fine dining".


The servers were incredibly friendly and will maintain a friendly conversation with you whenever you are up for it. You don't have to worry about going for lunch alone considering you'd have all that company! In addition, they are very helpful when it comes to deciding what to choose and how to customize your order based on your preferences.


Interior and Ambience

The place is reminiscent of a trip down to the finest Parisian brewery, with plush wallpapers, their exquisite yet simple take on sofas, intimate seating areas, and drinks at an eclectic bar that has got enough alcohol, wine and an awesome beverage menu.

The ambience is truly pleasing, and you would likely feel oddly satisfied at the end of the whole experience. (Haleema and I were!)


The Brasserie at Movenpick is the latest addition to the French food scene in Colombo. Just remember that the Brasserie is not just for dates, anniversaries or special occasions so do drop by in your jeans and boots for a fancy dinner (because you deserve it!) or drag your work mates down for a fancy treat and indulge in the delicious menu they're offering! 

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