Brick Lane Cookie Company

Brick Lane Cookie Company

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 12 months ago

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Halal Factors

Basically, Cookies are everyone’s childhood favourite - from cookies bought from the store, the fresh ones out of the oven and to the designer gourmet cookies that are simply to die for.

So what exactly do you do when you have unexplainable cookie cravings and you need delicious, mouth watering fresh cookies!? You head over to The Crescat Boulevard and find the cute little pop up store - The Brick Lane Cookies, right next to the Keells Super on the ground floor! #Love

With so much to offer and with what was available, this is what we got our hands on!


White Chocolate Chip | Rs.120

These cookies were a little harder than the rest, although they were milky, slightly salted and creamy once popped into your mouth! We would have loved more white chips on it though!

Triple Choc Nutella Burst | Rs.160

When you want Nutella and LOTS of chocolate, both dark & white, and your craving for chocolate is unbearable - then this is the cookie for you! Talk about pleasing you all the way to chocolate heaven! Gooey and soft, it's a personal favourite! 

Red Velvet | Rs.160

Having not tried Red Velvet before, especially since it has always looked, well, too red? (notice the pun), our reviewer was surprised when she took the first bite of a red velvet cookie! We’re talking about chucks of dark and white chocolate in a soft and deep burgundy red cookie. Incredibly amazing! 

Classic Chocolate Chip | Rs.120

We have all tried different versions of the chocolate chip from the supermarket brands to kitchen failures perhaps? And if you really want to have a whole new perspective on this, then you should be heading over to Brick Lane to get your hands on this soft, gooey cookie filled with chunks of chocolate.

Oreo Cookie | Rs.160

Oreos are a cookie too, and in cookie dough. Is that the best thing that's happened to a cookie or Oreo? Either way, the crunch of the Oreo and the soft cookie was mind blowing!

Cashew Chocolate Chip | Rs.160

This blends in the classic chocolate chip with cashew, making it festive and rich while bringing in a Lankan twist!



They were simply packed in recyclable brown paper bag pouches for each cookie.


Two words; quick and efficient


On the ground floor of Crescat Boulevard, right beside the food court, you’d find this miniscule store.


The cookies are no match to most of the conventional bakers! they were gooey, fudgy and possibly the best. 

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Basement, Crescat Boulevard, Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo
Tel : 011 7 252251

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