Bubble Me Bubble Tea

Bubble Me Bubble Tea

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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With the extensive hype created by this bubbly store, we we're quite excited to head over to Maitland Crescent and check out the new place! With a new menu, and so many flavours to choose from as well as the jellies, tapioca to popping pearls we found this as the perfect place to get your bubble tea fix. 

Drinks | M - Rs.380 / L - Rs.450 (Slush | M - Rs.480 / L - Rs.550)

Milo Iced Milk

This bubble tea is a fast moving drink and almost all the bubblers love it. We finally know why! The fact that it looks so appealing and super chocolatey and that it's pure Milo. You've obviously at one point died for the Pilawoos Iced Milo, but if you want it with your choice of bubbles then head over here for the best! 

Berry Crush with Lychee Popping Pearls

If we had a choice of getting married to a bubble tea, it would be this beauty! So thick and deliciously icy, it's a drink with crushed ice and a mixed assortment of berry juice. You'd love the sour beginning to the sweet after taste, along with the tiny blends of strawberries! The lychee popping pearls were filled with so much fruit juice concentration and is super duper fresh, that made us feel powerful in a weird way. 

Honey Dew with Tapioca Pearls

We finally understood  the reason to why people cannot get enough of this drink. The green drink may not seem alien to you, but it did make us feel a little uneasy with the bright shade. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the surprisingly airy and refreshing texture of the drink, which is slight milky yet bringing out hues of a soft spoken honey flavour. It's almost as sucking on flower nectar! 

Yogurt Drink with Coconut Jelly

We did not enjoy this drink as much as we did the others. It has a very odd flavour and difficult to place a finger on. However the coconut were fab. 



This purple drink screams tumblr however it has a very distinct flavour, which we found exceedingly smoky. It was slightly sweet, and we do know Taro is from the yam family either way we believe this is an acquired taste. 



The staff were well informed about the menu and did their best to get the drinks made as fast as possible as well as attending the customers. 


Interior and ambience 
This outlet has two floors and is super spacious, you find a lot of graffiti drawing in bubble tea themed colours in white washed walls. We loved how comfy and easy to access this venue is along with the seating arrangements. 


Bubble Me Bubble Tea has landed on our good books and we'd definitely pop by anytime! Although it's pricey in comparison to the rest, it's definitely worthy.

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