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Halal Factors

Bubble Tea - We, Sri Lankans, have been going crazy over it since some time, haven't we?

Offered exclusively at specific spots, Bubble Tea still has a fan following of its own. And this is why we, at EAT, have been hunting down all the places selling Bubble Tea. 

Bubblelement is one of the popular places for Bubble Tea and here's what we have to say about them!

Bubble Tea

Spotting their post on social media featuring their exclusive new addition – we picked their Blue Chai Bubble Tea (Rs.390) first. Well, let's start off saying the drink was not blue at all? It was rather indigo with orange popping bubbles. It did look colourful, but the taste was not what we expected and it tasted eerie, leaving us very disappointed. 

Rose Bubble Tea | Rs.390 

Both in looks and taste, resembled a Faluda with its baby pink colour and rose syrup taste but yes, with the chewy bubbles though! 


The Strawberry Bubble Tea | Rs.390

Gave away a pint of sweet strawberry tang on the taste buds. And oh, yes - we did like it.


Lychee | Rs.390 

so far, has been the best for us. Its pastel yellow colour and airy texture is not only what makes it great, the drink itself is very tasty. There is nothing less when it comes to the ice. The drink is very icy that it would even be a great pick if you're having a bad time with the heat!



Not only their drinks are colourful, but their straws are too! Hot pink, baby pink, purple, green, yellow…you name it - they've got a wide variety of colourful straws for your drink. The drinks, of course, came in clear, plastic bottles with their logo on it. And they were served in, what looked like, enormous chunks of wood for anyone who wanted to have a drink back at the spot.


We walked in on a busy day and the little shop was packed with a heavy crowd. Despite of the rush, the staff were able to serve us swiftly, although it took only few minutes of waiting. 

Interior & Ambience

Raise your hand if you love pastel colours - Bubblelement has a colourful interior which is going to make you ogle quotes around it. It’s got a row of high stools at one end while the other furniture looked liked worn out wood. The outer space occupied another table and bench which had a flower arrangement at the center while garden flowers hanging onto the wall edged one corner.


Maybe they could be more cautious when introducing new flavours but Bubblelement is one of the best for all things bubble!


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I seriously like the bubble teas served at Bubblelement. They simply delicious and they always come with fresh ones. My favorite is the Pani Kaju flavored bubble tea.

(11 months ago)

33, Queen's Rd, Colombo 00300
Tel : 077 041 4204

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