Bubbluscious (A First Look)

Bubbluscious (A First Look)

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Halal Factors

Bubble Tea has certainly created a fad among Sri Lankans in the past few months and still continues to be at the top of everyone’s favourite list.

Located at the center of K-zone, Ja-Ela – Bubbluscious has taken initiative to add up to the places offering Bubble Tea.

After a long drive from Colombo, we found ourselves looking at the huge menu outside Bubbluscious with a wide variety of choices consisting of unheard flavours. Confused with how the drinks may actually taste, we decided on three distinct flavours and one dessert.


Food & Drink

We first tried the cold Chocolate Bubble Tea with Coffee Jellies – which had the texture of a normal chocolate drink. When tasted, however, we were left disappointed when the flavour gave a mixed taste of chocolate and coffee – may I add that it can be considered to be a coffee rather than a chocolate drink? It was a light and icy drink – yet it didn’t meet our expectations.

We next tried out the Strawberry Banana Tea – we do not know what we were expecting, but maybe a combination of Strawberry and Banana? Well, it tasted more like a bland Faluda with Ice Cream and it was the tiny pint of Strawberry Sauce on the Ice Cream and the Strawberry Bubbles that actually touched our taste buds allowing us to get a vivid taste.

Our favourite was the Lychee Tea. Clear, pastel yellow in colour – the drink certainly was a good choice to restore our drained energy and quench our thirst. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect pick if you’re just hanging around the mall to avoid the tormenting heat.

We were very eager to try out their new addition to the Bubble Tea range offered by anyone – Bubble Desserts. We picked out Brownie with Ice Cream and Rainbow Jellies. When it arrived, it wasn’t a treat to the eye. The Brownie was buried under the Ice Cream and Jellies which came in three candy colours and it would surely attract any eye that wants a colourful dessert – but isn’t the rainbow supposed to have seven colours? (Just Kidding!

Moving on, the Brownie didn’t have a gooey texture as expected – instead it seemed like a frozen piece of butter and the plastic spoon they provided was on the verge of breaking into two when trying to eat this “so-called” Brownie. Hats off to their initiative to innovate something out of the box – but their desserts are not something we’d pick again!



The drinks and dessert we picked out were priced as follows:

  • Cold Chocolate Bubble Tea | Rs.280
  • Strawberry Banana Tea | Rs.320
  • Lychee Bubble Tea | Rs.250
  • Brownie with Ice Cream | Rs.300 (Introductory Price: Rs.150)

Overall, their price ranges stand between Bubblelement and Mabroc.


The drinks and dessert came in plain, handy cups clearly showing that they hadn’t put much effort into providing appealing packages. The cups had a sticker which contained choices of Bubbles and Jellies and the chosen types were ticked off – Very informative! Nevertheless, we would like to suggest better and attractive packaging.

Interior & Ambience

The interior certainly caught our eyes – thanks to its creative and colourful architecture. One side of the wall was covered with frames that looked camouflaged and they had some picturesque sketches of families, couples and friends. The lanterns added a sense of grandiose to the ambience. Moreover, it had high stools as well as a separate area with comfy bean bags. They could occupy around 20 people as they provided a larger space. Bubbluscious is a very comfy place to hangout with – unless you don’t mind the passers-by looking at you through the glass wall.


The people at the cashier were very welcoming and they helped us pick the bubbles and jellies that would go with our drinks. Their uniqueness is that they allow us to pick our own Bubbles and Jellies! And, not forgetting to mention – their service was quite quick!

On an additional note – when asked whether their products were halal we were told that they cannot guarantee that fact one hundred percent, but their suppliers provide the same products to Malaysia as well.


Bubbluscious is a great place to drop in to hang-out with anyone. On a personal note - their Fruit Bubble Teas are something to try out. Make sure you take in some cash as they do not accept card payments…yet!

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