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Burger Hut

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 10 months ago

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Often confused with the Burger’s Hut located at Zoo Road (opposite to Nawalanka Super Market), this is entirely a different restaurant. Their newest branch is opened in Hill street and we dropped by to check it out. They also have branches in Kandy, Akurana, Katugastota and Matale.



Sweet Corn with Chicken Soup | Rs.200

This is actually so worth the money, the soup was full of flavour and more towards the saltier side which I enjoyed. It came with a fairly good amount of corn and chicken and we enjoyed every sip of it.


Chicken Shawarma | Rs.320

Although this wasn’t an authentic Arabic Shawarma, it tasted pretty great. Filled with different sauces and flavourful, well cooked chicken this was a shawarma with a Lankan twist as it was spicy and seemed to be customised to the local taste buds surprisingly well. The portion size is also pretty decent and filling.


Crispy Chicken Burger | Rs.370

The waiter mentioned this as their fastest moving dish when we asked for recommendations and we weren’t surprised why. Chunky fries on the side with a medium sized burger that had a thick crispy patty on top of which the cheese slice was melting slowly. The crispy chicken was much similar to the flavour at KFC but this was much larger and was packed with juicy meat.

The fries were thick and soft, it had that light crunch you expect when biting into French fries and had just the right amount of salt as well, try putting this inside the burger and you won’t regret it.


Chicken Kadai with Butter Naan | Rs.460 for Chicken Kadai | Rs.100 for Naan

We were recommended to try the Chicken Kadai if we were to choose Naan and they were definitely right. The Chicken Kadai came with a generous amount of chicken served in a thick red gravy that makes your mouth water at the sight of it. It had lots of biriyani masala and the chicken was also well cooked. There was also a subtle hint of clove which definitely adds a kick to the curry but is not so delightful when you bite into one by mistake, so watch out for cloves in the dish! This was like a match made in heaven with the Butter Naan which was soft and glistening with butter. Definitely coming back for this one!


Hot Butter Cuttlefish | Rs.590  

This was a bit too salty to our liking, however Burger Hut seems to have perfected their crispy batter because this also had a crunchy coating over thick chunks of cuttlefish. The flavourful coating complemented the cuttle fish really well and tasted amazing when dipped in sauce.



Lime Mint | Rs.190

The taste of lime was somewhat overpowering the flavour of mint but we did enjoy the subtle flavour of mint in every sip. Due to the strong acidic flavour of the drink, you might not be able to finish the entire glass but you will not regret it until the last sip and it is definitely worth the money.


Sweet and Salt Lassi | Rs.240

This may not be your average lassi and may lack the authenticity, but it definitely tasted really good. Although it did not have the correct sweet : salt ratio, it was confusingly really good.



Although they are not a high end restaurant, we really appreciated the effort they put into the presentation of the food. The Burger and Shawarma were served in plain white plates with the dishes placed neatly, and the Naan was served in a brown basket alongside the Chicken Kadai which was served in a very north Indian looking bowl with a rustic gold handle.  The Hot Butter Cuttlefish was served in a deep boat shaped bowl which also made it extremely easy to serve. We hope they maintain these standards!



As an emerging restaurant, we do understand why the waiters were not fluent with the menu but they were definitely friendly and seemed nervously attentive to our requests and orders. However, if you would like to get recommendations, then the restaurant managers who seemed to keep an eye while the orders are taken will step into help for sure. But please note that we dropped by when it was not very crowded and you might need to ask for the managers if you do need further assistance when it is busy.


Interior and Ambience

The restaurant has plenty of seating space and includes an outdoor seating too. It was well lit with red, white and black as the main colors. It is a very chilled out spot and is perfect for hanging out with your friends if you are anywhere close by.  



As an emerging restaurant in Dehiwala, they seemed to be good at quality and value for money. It is a good stop for lunch as they have a variety to choose from. We hope they continue to prosper and we wish them luck!


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