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Cafe Bagatalle

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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We’ve all seen the Envoy Mansion and probably even gone in to get our hands on a designer suit or tie for a special occasion. But what most of us want after hours of going through selections and measurements, is a place to unwind and relax. In other words; you’re starving and want to grab a bite without keeping tabs on all the calories!

Fouzul Hameed, the Founder and Managing Director of popular men’s fashion merchandise – Hameedia – has introduced a state of art, chic café right next to the Envoy Mansion! While in conversation with this inspiring gentleman (Who's also the founder & MD of the stunning health cafe), he specially emphasized why he wanted to launch a health oriented café. To keep it simple, he believed that good looks and good clothing doesn’t make the final cut. Being healthy and in shape is a vital part of everyday life, and making excellent food choices is the start to it. With all these taken into consideration, Café Bagatelle is now opened for everyone to have some incredibly, delicious dishes that are healthy AND affordable!


The menu was extensive and even had pictures to go with each dish; therefore we are aware with what exactly we can expect while placing the order.

Feta Cucumber Salad | Rs.420

The salad came in a fairly large portion with lots of green and feta cheese visible to the naked eye. We found the salad exceedingly fresh with all the promising ingredients; the crisp slices of onion rings, cubes of luscious tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers to unsullied lettuce and black olives. The Feta to our surprise was also insanely creamy and had a delectable texture which got us stabbing into the salad in search of more cheese! The salad was served with two unique dressing; the passion dressing which was slightly sour and citrusy along with a tangy vinaigrette.

Roasted Tomato soup with a Touch of Cream | Rs.340

The soup wad a rusty saddle colour with dollops of cream on top, satisfyingly melted into the rich tomato base. This unlike the average tomato soup is roasted, which had a unique smoky flavor that was a great start to the meal. With the mini slice of brown crouton soaked into the soup gave it a light crunch.

Melted Ambulthiyal Fish | Rs.350

This dish would take you by surprise due to the authenticity. Toasted brown bread with fresh ambul thiyal fish, (not the tinned stuff) and melted cheese! We loved how the ambul thiyal wasn’t necessarily overpowering and gave out a true Lankan twist to healthy food. Served with only a tequila shots worth of fries (to keep fit!)

Penne with Roasted Prawns, Pesto & Chili Oil | Rs.660/-

The pasta got us feeling all Italian. The penne boiled to perfection with enough prawns (that had a juicy and slightly smoky flavor) to last the dish! The sauce was a blend of fresh tomato, cream and basil to create the pesto giving you a non artificial flavor to the Italian requirements. It was slightly spicy and extremely filling and we thought seafood for this price is a bargain.

Grilled chicken breast | Rs.675

If we are to choose a favorite, then hands down this is it! Grilled vegetables from mushrooms, eggplant, carrots, and roasted pepper beautifully wrapped in a tomato and basil oil screaming with flavor! The grilled chicken was the healthy option and it was soft, juicy and packed with the tomato and basil savor! The mash potato hidden underneath was mash sent from potato heaven. It was smooth, creamy and simply to die for.


Fresh watermelon with a drop of ginger | Rs.200

We won’t go on to explain how a watermelon drink tastes, especially since we’ve all tasted some. This particular fresh watermelon had a drop of ginger! And we’re telling you it was too good to be true. The sweetness of the melon with the chillness of the liquid gave a strong raspy ginger aftertaste that complemented the watermelon so well. Highly recommended AND Mr. Hameed’s favorite too!

Lassi with mint | Rs.200

The lassi was another main attraction when it came to drinks, with a blend of mint that gave out minty vibes to the rich, creamy delicacy we all enjoy to bring out the inner desi.


With decent pricing we didn’t expect star class level presentation in food. They were served in modern cutlery with a play on colours with the garnish, and outstanding placing of the items on the plates with elegance and beauty.


The staff were friendly and with an open kitchen feel free to ask all your questions and have a look at how your meals been made too! If Chef Bolonne is around, he’s bound to make you feel welcoming and offer you the best out of the menu.

Interior and ambience

The interior had a state of art look with the classy paintings to the dark brown low seating and limited capacity. Stepping into the kitchen you’d find yourself standing atop a thick slab of glass with fat golden fishes swimming around you too! The ambience is inviting and tempting, with gym balls part of the seating outside gives away the health factor.


Finally we’d like to say that, healthy food that’s affordable for everyday living is difficult to find around Colombo. With Café Bagatalle in town you’re bound to find yourself in here more often for their all-embracing and delicious menu they’ve got to offer. Next time you pass down after a jog or want to grab a decent lunch, head over to the café for classy cuisine and do check out their grilled chicken!  

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No. 18, ( at Envoy Mansion ), Bagatalle Rd

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