Cafe Kumbuk

Cafe Kumbuk

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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Whizzing past the busy streets of Colombo we tend to find a range of restaurants, bistro’s and cafes! But walking down Horton’s place and just inside the very aesthetic Prana Lounge you find yourself an organic health oriented café – Café Kumbuk. 

Getting your hands on fresh, local, seasonal produce is always a bummer in Sri Lanka but not at Kumbuk! We’re talking about an inviting atmosphere, where you can simply unwind, read a book on a lazy afternoon and simply enjoy the company of loved ones with incredible dishes and the fresh breeze of Colombo. (yep no Air conditioners you artificial humans)


Huevos Rancheros Waffle Belly | Rs.600

With limited savoury waffles available to our wild Sri Lankan taste buds, this one is for those who need to spice up their average waffles! The waffle is made with a sweet potato batter which was soft and juicy, however a tad bit soggy with the incredible topping. With a toss of jalapenos, kidney beans and slow cooked fresh sweet tomatoes with sautéed onions got you crying for more! The fact that it had so much flavour packed in (all natural) giving you a strong Mexican vibe with the Jalapeños. With a crispy fried egg on top, with a sprinkle of coriander for the finish touch! This breakfast dish fills you up and looks pretty lit for your active social media.



French Toast | Rs.650

Most certainly not your average French toast, and looking next level creative with the presentation. A toast with a twist, with a chilled out cinnamon and vanilla French toast that gave you a slight Cinnabon roll taste that gives you all the feels! With a sweet and calming crème anglaise and the star of the dish – milo chocolate crumble which is a crispy yet entirely chocolate, melt in your mouth goodness that complemented the French toast.



Breezin | Rs.500

With a drinks menu going strong we choose the two that were recommended from Kumbuk themselves! The drink in a fresh looking green tone with blended mint, relaxed your mind. The Breezin has a blend of pineapple, cucumber, mint and fresh coconut water. Reading the list of ingredients, you can probably imagine how delicious this is! The tanginess of the pineapple to the sweet, nutty flavour of the coconut water along with the coolness of the cucumber in combination with the the strong hints of the mint.


Island Chiller | Rs.400

You enjoy the season fruit watermelon? Then you most certainly can’t go wrong with this! Frozen watermelon with a dash of lemon and rosemary which was quite mild since we barely got a hint of it. Topped of with kithul pani, which is the natural sweetener of the drink and coconut water. Perhaps the drink was more or less like a frozen margarita we found most of the flavours intact.


Aesthetically pleasing! The presentation was on point, with white round plating along with cane mats and tall glasses and reusable metal straws.


In terms of service the staff were friendly and well versed with the menu. Ask for Tuan, the cheerful guy at the counter.

Interior & Ambience

As mentioned previously, the café falls inside an old colonial building with lots of wood along with a tropical theme with lots of green and open windows. Dark ceiling fans and colourful tiles bring out a strong cheerful ambience.


What can we say? If it’s a breakfast date or a lunch meet up with healthy and delicious food that’s actually good for you, then Café kumbuk can never go wrong.  

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Prana Lounge 60 Horton Place, Colombo 07
Tel : 011 2 685310

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