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Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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Situated in the heart of Pelawatte, you'd find yourself at a three story coffee shop, beside the popular clothing store - Aurora. Cafe Noir is breaking the stereotypical attributes to how a coffee shop should be, and incorporates a Parisian bistro into the coffee biz.We're talking about three floors of classic expensive interior, statement pieces and most importantly incredibly satisfying, gourmet dishes! Now the catch here is that, Cafe Noir isn't your average go to coffee place where you simply grab a coffee and maybe a slice of stale cake.

This ain't a cafe where you stand in long queues and pressurised to make an order that you're probably going to regret as soon as you make your payment. But rather a concept that's extremely novel to the Sri Lankan context, where old world charm meets the techie side of things. If you check out our vlog, it's safe to admit that ordering coffee and food has just made it to a whole new level!


Caramel Latte | Rs.520

Since coffee is the main attraction, we got the caramel latte and we were surprised to find out that the coffee is imported from Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil! Completely knocking off the mainstream Italian coffee out there. The latte had caramel to coffee ratio, and it was quite a large cup with actual coffee instead of the layers of crema.

Strawberry Crushed Ice | Rs.460

We ordered this assuming it'll be filled with crushed ice and a strawberry syrup but we were quite surprised to find that the fresh sweet strawberries were blended in with sugar and ice to a delicious thick icy concoction. It's perfect for the warm weather, which you just can't get enough of.

Strawberry Iced Tea | Rs.380

Sadly, the iced tea wasn't "iced". And we had to request for extra ice cubes just to get it to the right temperature, apart from that the iced tea was simply fantastic. It had the right amount of sweetness from the strawberry infused tea along with the fresh cubes of strawberry for you to munch on.

Orange Juice | Rs.480

The Orange Juice here is freshly squeezed with good pulp extraction and thanks to an interesting machine, the oranges are squeezed with only a press of a button. This gives rise to a refreshing explosion of fresh oranges for your taste buds to enjoy.


Chicken Lasagna | Rs.790

We've all tried lasagna, from proper restaurants to microwaveable spoils. Walking into Cafe Noir you'll be reminded of how its supposed to be. From fresh bubbling cheese to the layers of spicy oozes, with a slight hint of sweetness of the tomato sauce along and, the sheets of lasagna with the minced chicken was to die for when you're starving. This was served along with two slices of garlic infused bread.

Beef Steak | Rs.2290

The steak can be rare, medium or well done. We went along with well done since raw meat tends to unleash our inner cannibalism ( jokes ) the steak was a little dry and difficult to cut into ( we'd love it if they had steak knives ) but it certainly wasn't short of flavour. The marinated meat along with the pepper sauce, that was extremely spicy and hits you up your nostrils that'd make you appreciate the smoky flavour of the delicious sauce. The mashed potato was made the traditional way that really brought out the natural flavours of the potatoes. The grilled vegetables consisted of; tomatoes, zucchinis and carrots, all of which happened to be excitingly fresh.

Panini De Cafe Noir | Rs.620

The Panini had fresh bread with a Sri Lankan flavour of a mutton filling. It was pulled mutton marinated in oriental spices and perfectly stacked with the cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms. ( we LOVED it )

Buffalo Wings | Rs.560

Cafe Noir looks so good that makes you want to eat buffalo wings with a fork and knife ( it's okay, you can use your hands no ones going to judge you ) the wings were marinated in a kick ass BBQ and oriental spices with a tartar sauce that had Parmesan cheese melted into it. We're telling you only once. DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER THIS BEAUTY.

Death by Chocolate Cake | Rs.420

This death by chocolate was the usual delicious cake we get in most places. Although more chocolatey, we enjoyed it so much.

Greek Yogurt Blueberry | Rs.480

The yogurt packaging was as if it was a dessert jar. What we enjoyed in this is the fresh Greek yogurt with its tangy flavour incorporated with the crushed blueberries. The secret in enjoying this is to ensure you mix both layers in order to get an even amount of both!


The drinks looked super pleasing and the dishes were presented in Noir ceramic plates.

Service & Ambience

The staff were very energetic and well aware of the menu and well experienced from international hotel chains. Ask for Waleed, if you want the best recommendations! The ambience is to die for, it's so pretty you can sit and cry and just get lost in the beauty of the interior. The smell of the freshly baked pastry as soon as you enter and the playlist can pull on your heartstrings and make you fall in love with this place.


On a final note, we must admit we're most certainly going to head over to Cafe Noir ever so often. We enjoyed every minute of it and with confidence can admit you won't find a coffee shop like this in the whole of Sri Lanka. Speaking to the dynamic and passionate 23 year old CEO, there's a lot in store for you! ( we shall keep it a surprise ) 

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302, Pannipitiya Rd, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
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