Cafe Shaze

Cafe Shaze

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 12 months ago

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Cafe Shaze is a cosy dining place and cafe you'd find down Thimbirigasyaya Road. It's all about contemporary western dishes, along with an interesting Sri Lankan breakfast menu and a handful of “out of this world” shakes & mojitos. The artistry of the desserts conjures up irrefutable cravings!

Dynamite Prawns | Rs.725
The dish had around 8-10 pieces of prawns (yes…we did a count) and they were coated in a thick layer of oriental spices, giving you a fresh burst of flavor once you pop it into your mouth, along with a spicy yet tingly sauce that went unpredictably well with the capsicum slices in the dish!

Cream of Mushroom | Rs.525
The soup gets 5/5 for an incredible presentation, we're talking about soup in a bread bowl and a tiny bread lid with delicious mozzarella. We were disappointed with the soup, especially since it was salty, although it did give out a conventional mushroom flavor. It reminded of Knorr soup from the super market and we would not opt for that one again.

Beef Tenderloin | Rs.975
Presentation being on point got us super excited to dig in, and man we were surprised! Talk about tender, soft meat in a thick, well seasoned mushroom sauce along with tiny chunks of mushroom! And yes, a mashed potato that clearly melted in your mouth! Cafe Shaze certainly didn't go wrong when they suggested this dish.

Chicken Casserole | Rs.875
The chicken casserole looked overwhelming, with a side salad (we’re talking about a proper tossed salad), with a layer of mashed potatoes along with a great deal of chicken! Talk about a meal worthy of its price, there were plenty of meat on the plate and they were delicious, bringing a spicy, tomato based flavor and a strong peppery flavor with its cooked zucchini & bell pepper being a few of the vegetables included.

Pol Sambol & Egg | Rs.575
Now having tried pol sambol & egg sandwiches at a few places made us want to check them out here too. The dish was once again fabulously presented along with some thick and fresh fries. However, we're still unsure if we’re disappointed or actually happy with the flavor. The sandwich had a hot pol sambol and egg. However, instead of the usual handful of cheese, we found ourselves with mayonnaise. Although the flavor is novel and tasted alright, we'd think twice before reordering it.

Brownie Milkshake | Rs.525 
This milkshake is the king of all the brownie shakes out there in Colombo! A thick drink, with chunks of delicious brownie, topped off with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce added as the finishing touch – a real treat!

Strawberry Mojito | Rs.500 
Being brought up in a household where mojitos are made almost daily with Monin syrups and a dad who loves to get super experimental in the kitchen, paid off well for our reviewer to know what's a good mojito. The strawberry mojito looked gorgeous with crushed ice, lots of muddled mint and lime with strawberry syrup. We’re talking about the right combination, and you must order this if you ever pop by!

Chocolate Mousse | Rs.475
Mousse is usually served in a tall glass - creamy and thick in a light brown shade. But Shaze certainly believes in novelty & creativity. Two scoops of mousse, so rich and dark that'll give you chocolate orgasms (no jokes) talk about adding a cherry on top to of a great meal!


Dishes came with beautiful garnishes with a modern set up. The items were carefully displayed with a matching five star standards.


We loved the service and how the staff had  good knowledge of the dishes and knew them well enough to explain to us certain meals in detail! Furthermore, all bakery items & desserts are made in a flash at their super clean kitchen (yep managed to get a peak), which makes food here fresh & healthy!

Interior & Ambience

With comfortable booths, a private room and outdoor seating for both smoking and non-smoking purposes, they certainly cater to the requirements of all the customers.


We enjoyed Cafe Shaze, perhaps a little too much and we've fallen in love but we'd stay away from the mushroom soup!

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65 Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Himi Mawatha, Colombo
Tel : 076 843 3122

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