Ceylon City Hotel - Flamingo Restaurant

Ceylon City Hotel - Flamingo Restaurant

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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The five star hotels always tend to take Colombo by a storm leaving the rest amongst the shadows. Then comes the time when you're tired of the same food, and it's time for you to explore further and try out the not so mainstream delicacies!

We dropped by Ceylon City Hotel that's nestled within Marin Drive and dropped in to check out their all day dining - Flamingo Restaurant.

(Yes it's opened for outside guests too)

our thoughts?


Beef Lasagne | Rs.600

The lasagne to our surprise was delicious. We found enough minced beef to feed an army which was also perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection with the juicy mozzarella cheese that dripped from top. One flaw we noticed was that the lasagne sheets seemed a little like rubber and we feel they have been over cooked.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish | Rs.750

This starter was recommended by the waiting staff, and we thought we shall give it a try. We found it to be too oily and the cuttlefish coating was too rubbery and tasted like tofu. The sautéed onions and bell pepper were the highlight of the dish which was kinda sad.

Special Chicken Burger | Rs.426

They had a special offer going on with their burgers and we decided to check out the chicken version of it. We found the burger to be quite pleasing and the patty was in fact fresh and juicy, with the right amount of salt, pepper and paprika. The crispy fries and the cheddar melted into the soft burger bun, along with the usual we're pretty delicious. However the coleslaw tasted pretty terrible and we'd suggest they better improve on it soon.

Chicken BIriyani  | Rs.900

Having tried chicken biriyani basically everywhere, this one was met with disappointment! Although the rice was quite flavoured with the biriyani masala - there was no fried chicken for the zing or anything special about it.


Watermelon | Rs.350

Fresh watermelon juice of course with the right amount of sugar and sweetness. With a slice of melon as garnish we found the drink quite refreshing.

Mango | Rs.350

The Mango was pretty sweet for starters, but it wasn't as cold as expected. Fresh mango yes, but sweeter than candy.

Orange | Rs.400

Possibly the yummiest drink of it all, and perhaps because I ordered it (haha). We found it having the perfect balance of sweet and sour giving out a more soft mandarin flavour than the strong zesty orange.


Banana Fritters | Rs.450

A childhood favourite when your mum can't do with all the extra bananas! Kollikuttu sliced into half, coated and deep fried to a golden brown crisp. Pour on that caramelised honey and you're good!


All items were served pretty well in modern cutlery with white plates. There was nothing outstanding.


There was only one working staff member for the entire restaurant while we were having our meal. The staff were pretty friendly and quite helpful in deciding what to order!

Interior & Ambience

Despite being an all day dining restaurant that serves up the buffet for their in house guest, have got a warm and cosy ambience. Nothing fancy or exciting but pretty much the average dining area. With dark wooden tables and place mats, it was alright.


One thing Ceylon City Hotel needs to improve on is availability. We ordered so many dishes that were turned down since it wasn't available, and we found that to be a bummer especially with so much competition around. Apart from the decent food - interior and the level of ambience needs to improve ASAP.

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11, Upatissa Road Colombo 4 Colombo 00400

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