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The delicacy biriyani is well known among every single Lankan, from the South to the North to every corner of the world! Chana's a restaurant that focuses solely on Indian food and Memon dishes from chaats to the Hyderabad biriyani -  a popular rice dish in the North of India. 


Hyderabad biriyani set menu 

Biriyani | Rs.4500

The rice dish came in a large clay pot covered in aluminum foil and since it was delivered to our office the rice looked as if it hit a storm ( not literally of-course ) the rice was divided into a side of white and a half with masala infused rice with the food coloring grains. In terms of flavor, we were quite disappointed. Although the dish was super aromatic and got our tummies rumbling we found the dish to be rather bland. It didn't seem exciting ( like how a biriyani is supposed to be ) and we got a very slight hint of the masala and felt the dish was too dry. But the best part? There was a lot of curry chicken. 

Cashew & Green Peas Curry

The curry as soon as we opened the container was greeted with a thick layer of oil. However we did enjoy this, since it also had slices of carrots along with the green peas but we felt like there wasn't enough cashew to vegetable ratio. 

Malay Pickle

This was in fact the usual authentic accharu dish with more vegetables from carrot to Sri Lankan capsicum.


The curd was quite watery but went well with the chopped onions and cucumber and helped a great deal to have the dry rice! 

Tandoori Chicken ( Half Chicken )

We personally loved this the most, since the chicken wasn't just juicy but perfectly marinated in the tandoori spices and probably cooked in a tandoori oven ( we pray ) 


The biriyani was in a clay pot and the other curries in plastic containers. 


Delivery was quick and efficient however they would require an hours notice. 


Finally as a conclusion, we would most certainly reconsider ordering from here again  and the WORST part? There was no wattalapan.

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really useful

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really useful

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50, W.A. Silva Mawatha, Wellawatta, Colombo 06
Tel : 011 3288788


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11:30am - 11:00pm daily.

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