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Choco Luv

Reviewed by Insiyah Adamjee | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

Located on the ever-so-busy Flower Road, ChocoLuv is a small café adjoining Yumi Cakes and Ranfer’s Tea Shop and is famous for their amazing milkshakes and the very creative flavours they incorporate to give themselves a unique edge against other cafés, so of course EAT had to go over there to check it out!



Cheesy Chicken Wrap | Rs.800

We weren’t sure what to expect when we ordered this dish as there was no proper description of the flavours or ingredients on the menu except for ‘chicken’, ‘cheese’ and ‘rotty’, and unfortunately, that was exactly what arrived on the plate. This dish lacked the flavour and excitement that would’ve been interesting to see to elevate a standard chicken wrap; however we did not find this and were sadly disappointed. On the plus side though, the portion was quite large and was definitely enough to fill up your stomach after a long day.



Nutella Drip | Rs.500

This was basically a waffle smothered in Nutella with a side of vanilla ice cream, and we have mixed feelings about this dessert. Even though everyone loves a good Nutella fix, this seemed slightly overbearing and eating a very large portion of it could potentially leave you feeling a little sick. Also, when we received the dish we noticed the vanilla ice cream had melted quite a bit, leaving a milky mess in the bowl that we could have done without. However, we did enjoy the lightness and fluffiness of the waffle, which wasn’t sweet so it did not add to the sugar level that the Nutella and ice cream provided, so there was a good balance.



Blue Ivy Mocktail | Rs.480

There was definitely a lot riding on this one, being named after Queen Bey’s daughter and all, and we hoped the drink would do her proud, but that was unfortunately not the case. Again, we didn’t get a description of what ingredients were in this drink until we asked the waiter (an artificial blueberry flavoured syrup) so all we knew about the drink before it arrived at the table was that it would be blue, as the name suggests. Fair warning to anyone who orders this at ChocoLuv: it is SWEET! You may have to remove a couple of ice cubes from the glass to be able to mix the syrup settled at the bottom, but even then, expect a rush of sweetness to hit your palate when you drink this. We didn’t get much of a blueberry taste, so this drink was unfortunately a downer for us. Sincere apologies to the Carter family!

Oreo Delight | Rs.380

As milkshakes are what ChocoLuv is famous for, we had to go with the ones we knew were crowd pleasers and one of them was the Oreo Delight, and we were certainly delighted! The milkshake has a strong Oreo flavour without it being too overbearing or too sweet, so this checked out in our good books!

Coffee Shake | Rs.350

We were told the Coffee Shake was another crowd pleaser and so we had to have it! We were quite pleased with this milkshake as well as it had just the right amount of coffee and sugar thus providing a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, which really gave the shake bonus points on flavour, and gave us the satisfaction we were looking for.


Service was average at ChocoLuv. The staff were polite and brought our food out quite quickly, which are all pros, but most of them did not speak or understand English and even after being asked in Sinhala, the wait-staff were not thorough with what each dish contained and was made of.



Presentation of dishes was quite neat and clean, with all dishes served on large white plates. Portion sizes of both drinks and dishes were very large which was much appreciated, and made them worth the price charged.


Interior and Ambience

We are not huge fans of the interior décor or ambience at this café, as in many places we saw paint peeled off the walls, and lots of patches on the shiny, slightly gaudy pink paint. The couches were also arranged in a way that made the area quite cramped up and we were forced to manoeuvre around other customers’ tables to get to our own. We hope the managers/owners notice these issues and make some changes to their interior.


As ChocoLuv is quite famous for their milkshakes, we could give those drinks the spotlight and let them speak for the image of the café. However, even though the milkshakes did pull the show off the ground, they were let down by the other dishes so improving these could do wonders for ChocoLuv!

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