Cioconat Lounge

Cioconat Lounge

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Halal Factors

Cioconat has gained a great fan base since the commencement of its establishment. 

With a rejuvenating environment, this is what they offer. 

Food & Drink

We tried out three drinks which consisted of Lime & Mint Crush (a rejuvenating, icy drink with a mint and lime flavour mixture), Peach Ricky (a strong, tangy orange juice with a pint of Sprite added) and the "oh, it's so good" Oreo Milkshake (simply the best with its thick, foamy texture and tiny pieces of shredded Oreo).

The large feast included the following:

A creamy dish of pasta mixed with mushrooms and chicken was served along with two juicy pieces of garlic bread. It had juicy and fresh chunks of Chicken and it left us wanting more! (Note: the dish can be served without chicken for vegetarians upon request).

Next, we had the Keema Mutton Pizza. Pizza so thin and crusty? This is it! The pizza dough was hidden for the keema and coriander leaves. They were simply delicious but we would have preferred it without the coriander leaves.

The real treat was the huge platter called The Mixed Platter. It consisted of all things superb! Grilled meat of Mutton, kebab, chicken, and beef. No words left to say how good they were, we were already so full but our cravings just did not stop! It also had a side of salad with some fresh veggies, French Fries and Rotti (similar to Atta Rotti) along with a garlic sauce dip. Just one word - tremendous.

We also got the Authentic Hummus - an Arabian special and Cioconut, by far, has the best to offer. Well, it was not just the Hummus, it came along with keema (the same that was used for the pizza topping and Kofta Kebab). One of the most delectable when eaten with the Rotti.

We got their thick, fat French Fries with Barbecue Sauce as well. Spicy and hot - but the best. We had mayonnaise and ketchup dips as well.


Lime & Mint Crush - Rs.450

Peach Ricky - Rs.450

Oreo Milkshake - Rs.450

Mixed Platter - Rs.2300

Keema Mutton Pizza - Rs.1750

Chicken Pasta - Rs.800

French Fries with Barbecue Sauce - Rs.450



On point! - Their presentation actually would make anyone drool even if the person is not having a good appetite. Alluring presentation is vital to draw Foodies and Cioconut proves it!


Friendly and hospitable they were and we really liked how they catered to our requirements. 

Interior & Ambience

Pastel with a hint of bright colours - their interior was so catchy and it even spread a positive aura around the lounge. One section was painted with pastel green with floral designs and the counter was enormously large with cakes and other confectionary being sold. They also had a private room with lush interior designing which included floral, maroon curtains and chandelier-like lamps hanging in midst of that. It also had soft coloured cushions lined up like dominos in their long sofa and soft coloured curtains as well. What more? - They even have a huge outdoor seating for comfy shisha sessions.


We loved Cioconut - that's all we have to say!

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