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Cloud Cafe

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Have you seen the different hues that surround the sun while it sets down and welcomes the dusky sky? Of course you would have – but what’s the best place to witness that beauty in midst of the city hustle? Cloud Café – definitely!

This is what we experienced at the divine rooftop garden!

Food & Drink

Mango Chilli Lassi | Rs.600

Have you tasted the best of this Indian yoghurt drink? You need to try it out here. What's special about it, you may ask, but we do have the answer to your question and that is the chilli powder sprinkled on it! The thick and icy drink starts burning your throat and the scorching sensation is something enjoyable!

Mint & Ginger Mocktail | Rs.400

A watery ginger beer drink mixed with the flavour of lime? That's how it exactly tasted. The fizzy drink was actually rejuvenating.


Fish n Chips | Rs.900

This is a favourite wherever we try it out, but choosing the best is a difficult process. There were three crusty fillets of fish with our all time favourite French Fries served along with mayonnaise.

Half n Half Tandoori and Four Cheese Pizza | Rs.1300

We were able to get a large pizza, half with Tandoori topping and the rest with a combination of all the fine cheeses. The pizza dough was thin and crusty and the taste was delightful for the evening.

Classic Italian Tiramisu | Rs.650

Layers and layers of a thin and juicy treat, just oozing in your mouth, it was really delicious with the cocoa powder used on the topping.

Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Nuts

It's not the usual ice cream, this had chilli infused in it too and it gave away the burning sensation as well, making it one of the unique desserts ever!


The kind of food that would make you gobble everything just with its presentation? Then that’s all we need to say then. On point!


Helpful staff who kept smiling for everything we requested – they were really hospitable.

Interior & Ambience

Witness the blue LED lights sparkling in midst of the green shrubberies that are placed amongst the comfy seating arrangements just for you.

The bright moon complemented by a starry sky. Soft, romantic music. Good food. It seemed perfect for a dinner date with your better half or simply enjoy it alone. Either your fingers entwined to your better half’s fingers  or stroking the soft parchments of your favourite novel, Cloud Café offers the best environment and sets the mood just for that.


If you need a chill zone with eccentric views and the perfect atmoshpere, come get lost at the cloud cafe! 

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