Coco Veranda (Nawala branch)

Coco Veranda (Nawala branch)

Reviewed by Insiyah Adamjee | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

As it has recently opened, the EAT team decided to pay a visit to the new Nawala branch of Coco Veranda to check out how much the new branch has strayed - if at all - from its flagship café on Ward Place and whether the outlet keeps up to the high standards that Coco Veranda have set for themselves over the years - this is what we have to say about it.


Roast Pumpkin Soup | Rs.390

We debated for quite a while over which soup to order as they all sounded delicious and finally decided to go with a classic Roasted Pumpkin, and we can confidently say that for the price charged, this soup was worth it! With the right balance of flavours and a combination of the spice from the pepper and sweetness from the pumpkin, this soup was on point in terms of flavour, texture and presentation!

Shrimp Toast | Rs.990

From the snacks section of the menu, we went for the shrimp toast, which we quite enjoyed as it seemed to be an elevation of your basic cheese toast with the addition of seafood to the classic dish. We would like to say the dish was fully worth the high price, but that wasn’t the case - while we did enjoy the spiciness from the seasoning and the shrimps were cooked very well and didn’t dry out the toast, we felt that there was not enough shrimp on the slices of toast and were struggling taste them. Other than this flaw, the dish was great!

Crispy Chicken Burger | Rs.890

This burger is the perfect meal to have when you’re staying in on a Friday night and binge-watching old TV shows (a habit I’ve found myself to be doing often) and if you’re perfectly comfortable with the mess that this burger will leave, because that is one word we can use to describe it - MESSY! So no, maybe don’t order this on date night while trying to impress your crush because there will be mayonnaise all over your face! Regardless, this is a mess we will gladly take on as this burger is absolutely delicious and had the right amount of accompaniments like pickles, tomatoes and onions which gave it bonus points! With prefereably a bit less mayonnaise, Coco Veranda may have discovered the secret to a perfect crispy chicken burger!

TIP: Make sure you ask for plenty of tissues!



Café Mocha Latte | Rs.570

Definitely a must-try when visiting Coco Veranda! This hot drink was extremely pretty and it made us feel guilty sticking a spoon in to mix the coffee with the chocolate that had settled at the bottom. The latte was rich and delicious, had the perfect combination of chocolate and coffee and was not overbearingly sweet which helped the star flavours really shine through! We were told that the reason for such great coffee was because of the new machine the café has invested in - The La Cimbali M100, which is a top-notch coffee machine that helps the baristas offer you the best coffee they can whip up!

Deluxe Brownie Frappe | Rs.740

The brownie frappe is one to have when you’re on a cheat day (or cheat week, which relates to me more) and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Topped with inches of whipped cream and chunks of brownie, this drink is one to die for! With it being slightly more on the heavy side compared to the latte, the brownie frappe will leave you feeling full up and completely satisfied!



Death by Chocolate’ Cake | Rs.490 per slice

I have always remembered the ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake as what Coco Veranda was famous for, offering a decadent seven layer chocolate cake that can easily, as the name suggests, send you into a chocolate coma for days - death on a plate! If you’re thinking scary, we say scarily good as the cake we were served in Nawala is as good as what Coco Veranda’s fame suggests and we were delighted that they hadn’t lost their touch making it.

Carrot Cake | Rs.420 per slice

We ordered the carrot cake with high hopes and we were not disappointed! With an added kick of cinnamon and a creamy texture from the cream cheese frosting, the carrot cake was everything we wanted it to be!

Nutoreo Cheesecake | Rs.530 per slice

We do have a couple of pointers regarding this cheesecake. We felt like the taste of the oreos and the cheese were barely noticed and were overpowered by the huge layer of Nutella mousse on top, which was a shame because as we reduced some of these layers ourselves, we could completely recognize all the flavours that were supposed to be present and it became much more enjoyable.



The staff at Coco Veranda are all very friendly and polite, and they helped us choose all the dishes we ordered, letting us know which ones were crowd pleasers and recommending several options. Our food arrived pretty quickly and we noticed they were efficient and thorough.



The dishes were presented in white bowls and plates, which is a signature Coco Veranda look, and they kept it simple and elegant allowing the food to be the star of the show!



Again, abiding by the signature Coco Veranda look, the ambience at the Nawala branch is one that is very homely and welcoming, and you do feel like you have stepped away from the bustling streets into a lovely, peaceful environment. The café provides indoor and outdoor seating, with a little garden next to the seating to provide a serene feel to the area. They have used the classic, signature furniture that is used at their flagship café in Ward Place, which helps it stay true to its original design.


Situated on the main road itself, but somehow tucked away from the noise and pollution, the new Coco Veranda branch in Nawala is one that has made a good impression on the EAT team. Even though we felt like Hansel and Gretel and the café portrayed the evil lonely lady fattening us up by feeding us mouthfuls of good food - something we gladly encouraged and appreciated - we will definitely find ourselves coming up there often. I want to extend big congratulations to the Coco Veranda team, Mr Sarath would be proud! 

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