Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Maitland Crescent)

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Maitland Crescent)

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Halal Factors

We know Coffee Bean is in your list of places where you could hang-out with friends, or even just step inside for a cup of steaming coffee and read a book.

Amongst their many spots spread around the Colombo suburbs, we walked in to their main spot at Colombo 7.

Food & Drink

Black Forest Iced Tea | Rs.690

Long gone is the time Black Forest meant only cakes. Now we have icy drinks with the flavour of cherry combined with chocolate and coffee. And it was purely a rose gold colour with a thick texture owing to the crushed ice.

Caramel Iced Tea | Rs.690

Crushed Ice. Caramel dripping. Milky. This combination was extremely superb and it’s a must pick from their menu.

Tandoori Chicken Wrap with Cheese | Rs.940

A filling veggie salad containing chicken (did it look purple?), the wrap was very tasty with its juicy pieces of chicken. However, it would have been better if It was served warm.

Chicken Bolognese with Cheese | Rs.1000

Their warm pasta was topped with chicken Bolognese and cheese but it would have been better if it was all muddled together. However, this was not the best of all the pastas we have tried.

Black Forest Cake | Rs.300

It was the usual. It looked all appealing with its decoration but the cake was very dry and the cherry was not fresh and certainly not the best cake.

Chocolate Croissant | Rs.390

A pastry filled with chocolate? YES! This Chocolate Croissant was to die for with its ends dipped in chocolate and inside filled with chocolate. We would definitely drop in for those again!


Their presentation deserves 5/5. We would say that’s reasonable due to the perfect presentation they provide with.


The staff were friendly and they even served us quite quick.

Interior & Ambience

Coffee Bean offers the perfect environment to have a chat with your friends, business meetups or even spend some time alone. With comfy seating arrangements and calm lighting, Coffee Bean is a substitute for the word tranquillity. They even have an outdoor seating where you could enjoy the greenery they have planted or even smoke with your buddies.


Please take some cash along with you since you are going to face troubles with the bills if you depend only on your card. Their machine actually doesn’t work to accept card payments! Overall, Coffee Bean is on our list of places that we’ll drop by again at.


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7, Maitland Crescent, Colombo
Tel : 077 392 8888

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