Colombo Street Food Festival | A First Look

Colombo Street Food Festival | A First Look

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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The most anticipated event on Facebook finally made it to reality today (18th March 2017) after a long wait!

We were quite curious if the event is even legit, especially since the very same Colombo Street Fest event was created on Facebook and moments before it started -  was cancelled. This obviously caused a meltdown and everyone was jittery before tonight's event.

On a very positive note, Colombo Street Food Festival was full on happening right down Hospital Road. There was a brilliant crowd sharp at 6:00pm (right around the time when the event was declared open) and only kept increasing with time!

We found the interior and ambience really warm and had quite an authentic food festival vibe. From the fairy light bulbs hung above a transparent marquee, possibly to keep away from rain (you never know with Lankan weather), to the neat rows of wooden seating right in the middle, along with the stalls on either side with their logo hung right above. All these elements gave out a decent vibe along with a DJ playing "formal" music (that was his only explanation when we asked him why he didn't play the billboard top 100)

Apart from the locals, there was a pretty neat turnout of tourists who seemed to enjoy the "happening night life of busy Colombo".



Here's what we thought of the food.

Food & Drink

Although they called it the street food festival, we only saw a few restaurants that brought out the true element. High end desserts, pastas and pub food wasn't exactly what we'd call street food. Nevertheless we found a few items worth trying!

ChipStick | Rs. 250

If you've been to any carnival in Colombo you'd have definitely tried this local favorite - the potato on a stick. This time they had a range of flavors and items to choose from including a potato stick with sausage! We opted for the classic and found it to be as average like the rest - it was crispy, slightly salty and spicy. The potato is cut in a pattern where it goes around the skewer and then deep fried until golden brown.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 6_56_48 PM-2.jpg

Cheesy fries - Chips & Dips | Rs. 300

We expected something unique and in the very least delicious. But we were quite disappointed we got cheese fries that were equivalent to the fries from Burger King. Although they were thick cut fries, the cheese that went with it was a creamy sauce of melted cheese instead of mozzarella.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 9_58_32 PM-2.jpg

Chicken Kebab Skewers - Gills Kitchen | Rs. 400

These skewers were hands down delicious. You could see them grilling these beauties right in front of you with onions, capsicum and a thick deliciously aromatic marination. The meat was slightly burned but gave out a smoky flavor and it was insanely juicy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 9_59_24 PM-2.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 9_59_08 PM-2.jpg

Chicken Quiche | Rs. 250/-

Not what you'd call "street food" but we opted for it. We first found it cold and it wasn't warm. The quiche had lots of shredded boiled chicken with the cream and cheese that was flavorful. It also has green pepper on the top layer giving you the heat.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 10_26_33 PM.jpg

For drinks, apart from the beer and limited cocktails there wasn't anything up for grabs. Fortunately there was free EGB being passed around to quench your thirst.


We enjoyed the vibe, however we also felt kind of bored towards the end. It's great to see Sri Lanka trying to introduce great events to the nightlife scene, but it'll also be nice if there was decent music and more authentic street food. Looking forward for more events like this to hit Colombo, and kudos to the organizers for pulling of a successful event!

The best part about this? It's gonna be held every Saturday!

PS - There was a shawarma stall and we really wanted to try it out, but the queue was way too long. 

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Hospital Street, Colombo 10 (Old Dutch Hospital)

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