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Halal Factors

Having a dull evening? Located on the famed Park Street Mews, Curve offers its visitors a diverse drinks menu paired with some tapas that is sure to get you “burnin’ up like neon lights!”

We suggest the cold tapas if you’re in the mood for drinking and dancing; the hot tapas is great for when you need to devour something that’s not too filling yet doesn't have you feeling hungry by the time you leave! Here’s what we tucked into!


Cranberry Cheddar Panini (Cold Tapas) |Rs.550

The perfect combination of sweet and savoury - the panini bread was light and airy and was full of melted cheese! However the cranberry sauce which accompanied the panini was where the sweetness was at. Despite the sauce being very concentrated, it was exhausted rather quickly. As such, we recommend adding it as a dip — there's more moisture and sweet flavours to the dish. Believe us when we say that the cranberry sauce paired with the panini bread is a legendary combo that is surprisingly filling!

Green & Black Olive Marinated with Herb & Garlic (Cold Tapas) |  Rs.700

Definitely an evening favourite — the olives were presented very modestly which highlighted the subtly of this dish. The herb marination gave the salty olives a more grounded taste and we only wish there was more of that herby essence. The olives present were in clear abundance - perfect to binge on when drinking your cocktails. If you are feeling frisky, try your olives with a whole chili (It adds a nice hop to your dance routine!). But fair warning, this dish may be too salty for one person to finish, but it is perfect for nice group of 3 to polish off before hitting the dance floor!


TIP: Prick the olives from the top for an easy mouthful

Flash-Fried Prawns (Hot Tapas) | Rs.900

This dish was definitely Prawn-and-bred at Curve - mind the pun. We can’t decide which was faster: the frying of the prawns or us finishing them. Filled with garlic and herb flavours, this dish ticked all the boxes when it comes to a tapas dish. The garlic taste was balanced out with the sweet tomatoes, allowing the crunchy prawn flavours to shine through. However, we would have liked more acidity in the dish as there was an underlying dry sensation aftertaste.

Mexican Chicken (Hot Tapas) | Rs.650

Trump may not approve, but don't you chicken out! The spice blend on this chicken is super earthy, adding to the overall smoky nature of the dish. The addition of the bell peppers adds a crunchy texture and emphasizes the smokiness. Sprinkled with curry leaves, the dish has a nice local twist juxtaposing with the western flavour combination. If you are too sophisticated for an outdoor barbecue, this is perfect for you — a healthy, moist dish - an indoor barbecue!



Mango Smoothie | Rs.470

The mango used in the smoothie was very ripe, hence I recommend only those who are used to this unique taste to partake in the drink. Others who aren't used to it, you find the hit of sweet mangoes very overpowering. The drink on its own is quite heavy so we wouldn't suggest having it if you plan on indulging yourself with the drool-worthy tapas dishes. Regardless, the smoothie was very smooth and there was no aftertaste: it doesn't tint any flavours from another dish.

Virgin Apple Mojito | Rs.550

Mojitos can generally be quite heavy in Colombo, but not this one folks! The apple flavours are subtle but lingering; its aftertaste is similar to biting into a fresh apple on a steamy day! The super smooth drink was countered by the crunchy sugar at the bottom leaving you cleansed and refreshed. In case you, like me, get bored in the middle of a conversation, there are fresh slices of apple on the top to nibble on — keeping you and your taste buds entertained.

Tea Float | Rs.475

Iced-tea fans, I call your attention to this drink. The bitterness of the tea is contested by the sugar syrup gifting you a light drink full of tea flavours. However, these flavours aren't too strong, making for a great palate cleanser.



Ice Cream | Rs.350

To finish off, we had Curve’s petite servings of smooth, silky ice cream. It’s the perfect choice for one person to try 3 different flavours at once; a clean and creamy end to the meal. Here’s what we thought were the curviest ice creams of the evening:

Burnt Caramel

If you love your caramel, this is the ice cream for you! The strong and thoroughly infused bitter caramel taste is well balanced with the sweetness of the ice cream; the burnt caramel adds that final bitter-sweet kick to end your mouthful!

Cream Cheese

This may look like regular ice cream, but the extra fluffiness in the texture will enlighten your palate to discover this magnificent cream cheese flavour! The sweet and sour flavours were well countered and the sour cream cheese flavours had a distinct aftertaste — a cheesy ending to a classy meal!


If you've never eaten rhubarb, think of devouring a sour green apple — that's the general idea of what rhubarb tastes like . This ice cream had a strong hint of rhubarb while still retaining the sweet qualities of ice cream! The perfect sour and clean finish; the final cleansing of your palate.



Offering some recommendations, the staff were well experienced with the restaurant and what it had to offer. Their fluency in English was quite credible and they knew exactly what to do, no questions asked.



Each tapas dish was plated with a sense of modesty and elegance. From the sauces to the main star of each dish, each element had its own little corner of glory, no matter how small (maybe it’s something for us to think about?)


Interior and Ambience

The dim blue lights in the club accentuate the intimate and mature atmosphere. It’s more for you party animals that are looking to forget about your troubles and dance the night away.  (Definitely not for a family with 6 children!).

For you wine connoisseurs out there, they have there separate wine room that is a little more secluded and perfect for a more classier and niche crowd. It’s definitely one for the books!

Some days there’ll be live music in the bar augmenting the atmosphere and encouraging you to get up and DANCE DANCE DANCE!


Keep Calm and Drink Up! Full of Feel Good vibes and snazzy music, Curve is the ideal place to treat yourself after a monotonous day of work! Or when you just feel like you need a little indulgence (Cause why not!?) But do beware! The food here is addictive and will compel you to go back for more — giving you those curves (the kind that pugs have), though there is then just more to love about you! #proudpug



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