Dolce Italia (Skelton Road)

Dolce Italia (Skelton Road)

Reviewed by Haleema Nazar | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

Paving the way for authentic Italian cuisine, Dolce Italia have certainly gained quite the reputation ever since it initially started operation and if you'd ask me, rightfully deserved so. We decided to pop in to their newly relocated premises down Skelton Road (since the Havelock Branch closed down) to see what the fuss was all about.

Walking in, we were instantly immersed into a homely tranquil environment, where we were pleasantly greeted by one of the staff members who warmly welcomed and directed us to our table.



Dolce Italia Bruschetta | Rs.800

Bruschetta is customarily served as a snack or appetizer and is essentially grilled bread dabbed with olive oil, tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt and mozzarella and hence, we opted to kick-start our tasting with such a classic. It was everything that we had hoped for! You bite down through punchy layers of flavors of fresh produce with a generous amount of olive oil scattered all over the plate. The dish was slightly modified with the addition of olives, artichokes and well cooked chicken bacon that all proved to be perfect accompaniments to such a simple dish. Basic, yet ridiculously very refreshing.


Dolce Italia Pizza | Rs.1300

Since relocating, Dolce Italia have introduced a varied list of different flavored pizzas cooked in a relatively large wood-fired oven. One bite and our hearts were already won, two bites and we were literally skipping with unbridled exuberance! The filling consisted of fresh tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella cheese, extra virgin olive oil, beautifully buttered chicken bacon and egg. I must shamelessly admit that anything edible that consisted of a runny egg was definitely not my jam but this instantly converted me into an adoring fan!


Capricciosa Pizza | Rs.1400

Fresh tomato sauce extravagantly rubbed on top of a crispy thin crust, baked to absolute perfection and an immediate liking was inbuilt due to the excessive amount of mozzarella cheese lavishly splattered on top!

The sautéed  mushrooms were browned and flavorful and the addition of olives on top lifted its presentation up a notch.

Interesting fact : The pizza dough at Dolce Italia are surprisingly made out of Kurakkan flour! So for those of you worried about eating healthy, this is definitely up your alley!


Ravioli Ricotta and Prawn | Rs.1200

In all honesty, this dish was a bit of a letdown due to the lack of prawn used in the filling and as a result the ricotta was slightly overpowering. At one point, we wondered if the waiter had gotten our order mixed-up but after rechecking, we were rather deflated. Added to that, the filling was somewhat dry and bland, definitely lacking in seasoning. However in saying that, plus points will be graciously given for nailing its exterior because we're all fully aware that cooking ravioli pasta isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do!



Caramel Milkshake | Rs.450

After a revitalizing start, we decided to amp up our taste-buds even further (because, hey! Why not?!) but to our dismay, the milkshake was absurdly too sweet, almost to the extent that a third sip was impossible to handle. There was a hint of caramel but it was more along the lines of a buttery taste as opposed to the standard bitter taste (slightly) that it is notoriously known for.



Cappuccino | Rs.350

Good news ardent coffee fans! Dolce Italia whips up an excellent cup of cappuccino which effortlessly prevailed to have just the right amount of coffee to milk ratio. Despite this dreadful heat, we couldn't stop cleansing our palettes, yes we're fully aware that it's slightly unconventional in this weather but that's how remarkably good it was! If you are ever in dire need of a cup of cappuccino, you know where to head to!



Chocolate Cannoli | Rs.250

No one can produce a traditional Italian dessert such as a cannoli in Sri-Lanka as well as Dolce Italia can! The chocolate ganache filling was highly orgasmic and we were in a state of uncontrollable elation! If they ever decided to sell that chocolate as an individual component separately, I'd be shamelessly first in line! My only suggestion in terms of uplifting this would be to fry/bake it fresh to order so that a crunchy exterior is obtained.


Assorted Energy Cookies (100g) | Rs.250

Not your average type of cookies, no crunchy exterior but rather delicate and insanely chewy all around. Consisting of 16 ingredients, according to the chef, we quite fancied them due to the hint of chocolate in every bite.



The service we received was undeniably impeccable! The staff worked together like a well-oiled machine, checking up on us from time to time, which inevitably made us feel important. We can only genuinely hope that this type of behavior will be prolonged in the coming years as well.


Interior & Ambiance 

With regard to its interior, I am unfortunately unable to disclose much as certain areas inside as well as out were under renovations. After a chat with one of the partners, who was quite insightful and shared her plans, we remain hopeful and we can't wait to come back when these plans have been put to action!

We couldn't help but notice that there had been no music playing and when asked, we were told that it was an Italian tradition to indulge in food in a peaceful environment with no disturbances. However, if requested, soft slow music can be played.



Dolce Italia have proved time after time that they are front-runners in Italian cuisine and we left with full stomachs and gleeful smiles across our faces.

Presentation was on point with every dish been adequately garnished, simple yet not too little, as well as hinting a homely vibe along with it.

For some, this may not matter but for those that might be interested in the restaurant's hygiene, we were extremely content to uncover that it was mandatory for all employees working the kitchen to have hair nets and aprons on at all times. 

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