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Halal Factors

Domenico's is the perfect neighbourhood pizza place. From friendly staff to great customer service to delicious meals, the restaurant is a great option for takeaway or dine-in. Domenico's quality ingredients, both locally sourced and internationally imported, offer the best blend of freshness and flavour.



Caprese Salad | Rs.950

If you're a mozzarella fan, then this salad is a must-have. The salad is a light, yet extraordinary mix of fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and oregano. It has all of the right textures and zests to make your palate happy and add a healthy start to your meal.


Italian Herb Ciccio | Rs.350

The tasty herb-infused bread slices provide a wonderful complement to the mozzarella salad. Ask the waiter to serve the dishes together. Top your bread with a piece of cheese and oregano-sprinkled tomato, and you're destined to have an amazing bite of Italy!


Butter Chicken Pizza (9") | Rs.1200

I've tried this option at other pizza places, but none of them have been able to match the delicious blend of butter chicken and Italian originality that Domenico's presents with this dish. The marinated chicken maintains its Indian authentic appeal. The smooth tomato sauce layered with mozzarella, thinly sliced onions, crushed garlic, and a pinch of capsicum made this dish my favourite for the night and earned a gold start for the Indian-Italian fusion.


Bresaola Pizza (9") | Rs.1600

I'm usually tough to please when it comes to meats, but my hesitation was quickly changed to comfort when I had a bite of the air-cured beef marinated with lime juice. The beef was placed on a bed of dough (baked to perfection), mozzarella and pizza sauce, as well as salad leaves and grated parmesan. The flavours weren't competing but rather brought out the overall taste even more.



Peach Iced Tea | Rs.180

The peace flavour is subtle but there enough to make things a bit sweeter and tastier. The tea is lightly chilled but perhaps you can ask for mint leaves to add an extra twist.


Lime/Lemon Iced Tea | Rs.180

After a long, hot day in the Colombo sun, this drink will be sure to add a refreshing kick to your evening. A nice mix of sweet and tang, the iced tea will prep you for a great evening.




Passion Fruit Mousse | Rs.250

Hands down, this was my favourite dessert. The fresh pieces of passion fruit whipped into the creamy mousse was the best last taste to end an amazing evening. I'd go back just for this dessert!


Chocolate Mousse | Rs.250

This was highly recommended to us and didn't disappoint. It's heavy on the chocolate but would do really well if paired with an espresso, coffee or tea.


Chocolate Biscuit Pudding | Rs.300

CBP, as I call it, seems to be a frequent Colombo dessert option, but few places are able to keep the texture and taste of biscuits as well-layered as Domenico's did. Even with just one bite, you got a take at all of the ingredients and it left me with a satisfying feel.



The food, from the appetisers to the desserts, were delicious. The way they were brought out to us definitely made the hype worthwhile.



The service was the best part. Even though the evening got busy and the chef was occupied with attending to other customers, he made every effort to stop by, offer his suggestions, and prepare meals to order. The hospitality really made this restaurant stand out.


Interior & Ambience  

The reds, greens, and whites in the décor are great Italian reminders. The restaurant has a  cozy feel. Although it's small, I wasn't disturbed by other noises and could enjoy conversation in a serene environment.



Why Domenico's? Because the quality of ingredients and service, was a superb choice. The freshness of the dishes and the creative combinations of vegetables, spices, and meats offered a unique dimension to the competitive Italian cuisine in Colombo and was inviting for another visit.  

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No Pork served? My office is literally few block away from this place and I've been a fan of their pizza for years. I'm sorry but they do serve pork! Even last week I went there and had Pizza Lust-Lussuria which contains pork bacon. It's true that you can get it in chicken but they DO SERVE pork!

(6 months ago)

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