Eastern Wok

Eastern Wok

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 11 months ago

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Eastern wok is the kind of restaurant you'd go to when you have a large crowd to feed; thanks to their portion size, and when this crowd finds it so difficult to decide what they want to eat. Sounds familiar?

True to the name, they seemed to have the menu that covers the highly populated sector of the eastern world. Chinese, Indian and Middle East. You should’ve guessed when I wrote ‘’when you have a large crowd to feed’’. Pun intended.

Food & Drink

Wok Special Mixed Fried Rice | Rs.795

Well, this was basically a less oily version of Nasi Goreng without the egg. The portion size was big enough to feed 3-4 people who can eat like a true Sri Lankan. It had a tolerable spicy flavor with a generous amount of well cooked chicken, prawn and egg. Although we would prefer a little bit more oil to eliminate the dry rice, this would not be a problem for someone who prefers to eat with curry. There is room for improvement but it’s obviously a good pick for lunch.

Chicken Kabsa | Rs.1130

With their not so large menu for Arabic Food, we assumed they had only listed down their best. So we chose the chicken Kabsa, even though the portion size was fairly large; the taste wasn’t the best. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t kabsa. It had a generous amount of ghee used in a yellow colored rice. The flavor can be described as ghee, just ghee. For a person who grew up eating kabsa all their life, this was a disappointment. With only small pieces of chicken, it was also a little stale.

Chicken Manchurian | Rs.945

A lot of chicken, a lot of flavor. This was a fulfilling dish, there was enough and more for 4-5 people and a bit of takeaway. With a well balanced mix of spice and hint of sweetness, it was very Chinese and exactly what you would expect from a dish that looked mouthwatering too. The chicken was well cooked and full of flavor and we couldn’t stop eating the dish, without the rice or anything. Just the Chicken Munchurian alone.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish in Hot Butter Sauce | Rs.975

The cuttlefish was cut to the perfect size, enough for the flavors to last in your mouth for as long as you want. It was all perfectly cooked with while the original flavors of the ingredients were also well preserved. 

Beef with KanKun | Rs.865

This dish came with a fair amount of well seasoned beef with a combination of subtly flavored KanKun. However, Kankun and beef did not have any spiciness, so your typical Sri Lankan dad might not like it.


It all came in white plates with their logo, with the large portion size that they offer; they did not need to do anything out of their way to make the dishes look good because you will get carried away with the amount of food on the plate and forget about the decoration. It all looked pretty good and we have no complaints whatsoever.


Although it is not a fine dining restaurant, a little quality of service and friendly staff is not too much to ask for. Their staff looked a little annoyed and hardly made any eye contact or smiled. The waiter almost threw the beef and kankun on our table as he hurried to assist another table. I don’t know if we didn’t look like a potential tipper.

Interior & Ambience

The interior was simple with comfortable seating. There was a large seating capacity without crowding the place. The interior could improve though and as of the ambience, friendly staff would really be a plus.


Although it was not one of our best dining experiences, they do serve some pretty remarkable dishes for which we will definitely come again. 

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38, Walukarama Rd, Colombo
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